A Spring Spruce

Though we’ve technically hit spring, in Montana, we’re still in the warm up phase.  In late fall, we moved the back deck furniture onto the covered front deck for safe storage.


As such, things are a bit lack luster out there, but I’m gearing up for a change.


Nothing major, as we recently rebuilt the deck and finished siding, so the bones are great.  Early last summer, I bought two outdoor sofas and quickly put together an outdoor lounge area.


Those sofas are still a favorite and will certainly stay, as will the coffee table, and green garden stool.  Once we move the black dining set out to the back deck, the chairs will go with it.


Even in an outdoor space, I like having a rug to define the space and help keep the furniture in place.  We received this jute rug from neighbors who were throwing it away because it shed so badly.


With it outside, the shedding isn’t such an issue, but I don’t like how flat and monotone the colors are.  The sofa base, beam coffee table, and rug are so similar in tone, I’m itching for contrast.


Perhaps something more like this:


Rug     .     Sofa     .     Club Chairs     .     Floral Pillow     .     Stripe Pillow     .     Green Pillows     .     Kilim Pillow     .     Concrete Planter     .     Green Garden Stool

Just a bit more color, contrast, pattern, and life, mostly in the form of textiles.  I love having classic, long-lasting big pieces, but shaking things up with accessories.


Near the dining door, I placed a trio of planters in the ‘dead end area’ at the end of the walkway.  It’s an easy way to brighten up the area, seeing it from the deck, but also inside the house.  As soon as garden centers put out plants, I’m going to stock up.  Strangely, the dying/dead evergreens just don’t do it for me.

2 thoughts on “A Spring Spruce

  1. I think that rug would be just right for your space. But then, I’m a sucker for anything indigo and white!

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