How Does Our Garden Grow?

Warmer weather means we’re all spending more time outside, and I’m spending a lot of time with my plants.


Nearest the front entry, a hydrangea, yews, Stella d’Oro day lilies, and catmint are all filling out.  Peonies are lush with oodles of buds, soon to be blooms.  Eek!!


Between the garage doors, I added a DIY planter with an arborvitae to soften the hard lines.


A tonal green grouping of arborvitae, sweet potato vine, and blue spruce succulents at the front door welcome everyone coming and going.


Learning what plants suit our landscape, conditions, and zone has been a learning curve, filled with research, trial and error.  One particularly tricky area is below the living room bump out, in front of the two basement windows.


Full sun exposure, heat radiating back from the house, and the shelter from rain require a lot more water.  The higher the heat tolerance, the better.  After striking out with a few other things, I’ve gone back to my old stand by: Stonecrop Angelina with a few Snow-in-Summer mixed in for variety.  Both stay low enough that the views and light won’t be blocked at full size.


A mixture of Smoke Trees, Spirea, Salvia, Catmint, and Nest Spruce edge the bocce court.


Fronting the deck, I’ve planted a row of Karl Foerster grasses, which at full height will help the deck feel lower.  Spaced between each grass is a Black Eyed Susan, to add a pop of color.


A trio of Irises are currently in bloom, adding a lovely purple to the landscape.  Look at that amazing detail!


We’ve been lucky enough to have a wet spring, keeping everything bright and green.  Spotting rainbows after is a lucky sighting, and this one was such an interesting display.


Coming up from the driveway, the back garden is a favorite view and has a tranquil feel.


Winter was rough, killing my beautiful butterfly bush.  Ah well, it was a risk when I chose it two years ago as it’s zone 5 and we’re 4.  I swapped out the dead shrub for a fragrant Japanese honeysuckle, which smells divine!  Adding a trellis is still on my list is still on my spring to do list.


Closest to the stairs, the two Snowball Viburnum are in full bloom.


In addition to the slow garden growth, the CorTen steel siding has continued to rust, deepening to an almost wood tone.


Against the back of the house, the viburnum and a hydrangea flank the ends of the garden with shorter plants between.  To add height, I’ve recently added a double hook with an adorable bird feeder.


Eventually, the other side will have a hanging plant, but the birds are already thrilled with this addition.


I’m thrilled with the appearance of the teeny tiny hydrangea buds.


The waterfall is full and on one of our warmer days, the boys took a quick run through it on a dare.


When spending so much time outside, I’ve been eyeing all of the cool garden decor available now.  My wish list includes a sculptural trellis for the honeysuckle, a hanging planter, and hose storage.  As a bonus, I’d love a cute rug, maybe a pot or two, and perhaps a few other goodies.  A potting bench could double as a serving station for outdoor entertaining.  Maybe something like this:



Coral Coast Halstead Wood Obelisk  $80   Hanging Copper Planter  $50   Round Galvanized Wall Planter  $9   Rain Chain Copper Cup  $49   Metal Potting Bench  $70   Metal Hose Pot  $40   Black Forged Shepard Hook  $9   Smith and Hawken Bird Feeder  $20   Threshold Garden Tool Set  $16   Metal Peyton Barrel  $50   Hello Goodbye Doormat  $13

Or even something like this:



Metal Orb Decorative Sculpture  $19    Hanging Ceramic Planter  $47   Round Galvanized Wall Planter  $9   Bell Rain Chain  $40   Hindo Indoor/Outdoor Cabinet  $69   Liberty Garden Copper Hose Pot  $53   Black Forged Shepard Hook  $9   Emerald Green Bird Feeder  $15   Garden Tool Set  $10   Ella Square Black Resin Planter  $39   Crinkle Diamond Doormat  $13

Most likely a combo of items from each.  Do you have any favorite garden accessories or additions?  What’s your favorite way to grow vines?  Also, do you have experience with a light weight hose?  If so, brand preference?

One thought on “How Does Our Garden Grow?

  1. Your plants look terrific! We got new hoses this year and had SERIOUSLY underestimated how nice a good hose could be…we had always bought the cheap hoses. Both hoses below were purchased from Lowes.

    The one in the front is a “Zero-G woven hose” it doesn’t shrink up like the “as seen on TV” one…but is very flexible and winds very nicely into the hose pot/bucket we use. It’s a little more lightweight than traditional hoses. I LOVE that I don’t have to fight with the hose at all. It’s my favorite.

    The back hose is on a traditional hose reel and is the “NeverKink” brand. It truly has been very easy to wind onto the really and hasn’t shown any kinks yet. I wouldn’t say the NeverKink is particularly lightweight, but it doesn’t seem overly heavy. And is relatively flexible for that type of hosing.

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