Five Years After the Sale

Along with a five-year look back at our current house, I thought it’d be fun to pop in with a peek inside our old house.  When we sold it as for sale by owner, we became friends with the buyer.  That relationship has continued over the years, but they’ve recently decided to move.  With the five-year mark coming up, I asked if I could take photos to share  now.  A lot has changed in five years, including a new roof and siding thanks to the hail storms we’ve had.


The brown roof and tan siding were never my favorite, but didn’t warrant replacing when we owned it.  Of course I adore the new gray, as well as the landscaping that also happened.


Once inside the front door, it immediately feels familiar, welcoming, and homey, but not mine.


A sectional fills the room, but leaves plenty of space near the entry.


When we lived here, we were in the final stages of renovation, but the beginning stages of acquiring furniture.  Tucking a little bar and chair into the corner is a cozy addition.


Decorating around a television is a great way to take the focus off the big black box while displaying treasures.


Seriously, how cute is this little set up?!


Even though we didn’t have much time in the newly renovated kitchen, it sees plenty of love and use now.



The space isn’t huge, but opening it up kept it airy.  Drawers provide maximum storage, and those wood counters are still a favorite of mine.


That plate shelf wall comes in handy again.


Down the hall, the pantry over the steps looks super cute with a new chalkboard finish.


The owner is a collector of vintage items, and I love the warmth they add to the bathroom.


What was our guest bedroom is a cute bedroom for a sweet girl.


Quite opposite from myself, the buyer is fashionable and uses the boys’ old bedroom as a large closet.  That ladder to store shoes is such a genius storage solution.



We sold the bed with the house so it’s strange how little has changed in the master bedroom.


Roughly a year and a half ago, I shared a master bathroom update that I helped out with, taking the walls a near black.


Going down the stairs, the family room is a cozy hang out spot.


The large basement bathroom now has a finished shower, something we never got around to.


This office space was one of my favorite rooms in the house, in part because of the ample storage.


The large back yard has a new concrete patio, perfect for entertaining.


Behind the garage, an adorable little shed with wooden beams as stepping “stones” is so cute.


It certainly is strange to see the house after living there, but also wonderful because the house has been lived in and appreciated since we’ve left.  It’s so corny because it hasn’t been ours for five years, but it makes my heart happy knowing it has been taken care of.

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