Finishing Touches

Though we remodeled our kitchen in 2015, the corner that is my office and the door to the pool wasn’t finished until last week.  Just off the kitchen was a little L shaped desk of oak cabinets with dark wallpaper all around.


It didn’t take long before I stripped the wallpaper and pulled off the decorative cabinet trim.


When we renovated the kitchen, we decided to widen the door to the pool house, making the office a desk below the window wall.

Kitchen-Remodel-Empty-Office-Plan-DrawingsTwo efficient drawer stacks store everything I need, and also art supplies of the boys.  But the walls looked sad and we needed to finish below the window.



Just this past April, that still hadn’t been done and you can see part of the old swinging door.


With the new door installed, things were finally to a point of finish.  Then I stalled on painting the trim for a month and a half.  Last week, I had time to quickly paint and finally wrap this project up.





It’s a far cry from the dark, bland beginnings.Breakfast-Nook-and-Kitchen-After-Move-In-April-30

Widening the door really makes the pool house feel less like the addition it was and more like an intentional part of the house.


Now to get it in tip-top shape to have a prettier view out that new door.  Happy weekend, everyone!

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