Heart Warming Housewarming Gifts

Wedding season is in full swing, but it also seems like the real estate market picks up this time of year.  Friends of ours bought their first house this week, so I’ve been thinking about housewarming gifts recently.  Pick one or a combo of the following favorites that are sure to please.

First off, a custom house portrait is a beautiful and thoughtful gift.  I’ve had one made for both of our houses, by two artists.  The top one is by Patricia from PVE Design and bottom painted by Jess at The Littlest House.


Though they’re both watercolor paintings, the styles are as different as the houses and show the unique style of the artists.  I’d highly recommend both.  Bonus, if you’re in need of a wedding gift, a wedding venue painting is perfect.

Wedding Venue Painting

I recently painted one for a friend and it was so well received, I think it’ll be my go to from now on.

When giving gifts, I find it helpful to buy cuter/fancier versions of everyday items.    If you want to focus on the front entry, give a personalized, and functional, welcome with a monogrammed door mat.  Or a potted olive tree, as they symbolize peace, friendship, and abundance.  Heck, maybe even a cute doorbell to replace the standard one that’s been there for 20 years.  A monogrammed leather key chain is a great celebration for those new keys.  Help the new owners stay organized with a multi-functional mail station.

Front-Entry-Housewarming-GiftsThese funny towels are good for a laugh, but also drying hands and dishes.  Toss in a yummy smelling dish or hand soap (Mrs. Meyer’s Radish is one of my favorites), a scrubbing-brush, maybe even a plant, and you’ve got a sweet gift.  Bonus points if you ‘wrap’ it all together in a cute basket or even a dish drying rack.

Towel-and-Soap-House-Warming-GiftGoing along with the kitchen items, a personalized cutting board is useful, but special enough to keep out.  How about this cute candle to fill the home with a beautiful scent?  As a plant lover, I think a shallow bowl (that has a matching salad serving set) turned into a herb planter would be a treat to give (or receive).


Obviously, most of these items would translate well as a wedding gift, so I hope this round-up is useful for someone this summer season.

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