A Makeover Under $75

In 2013, we took a few days to show the boys’ bedroom a little love.  We started with a blank beige box.


While installing new windows throughout the home, it changed ever so slightly, and I was in the planning process.


When the time came to get serious, I scraped popcorn off the ceiling and smoothed the ceiling out, Ben installed new trim.  Together, we built a pair of beds and painted the walls a fun yellowy green color the boys picked.


For four years, it was a fun, happy room that we all liked.  More recently, it has felt a tad too young for our growing boys, but the main elements were all still a good fit.  Fresh paint, new art, and pillowcases made for a quick refresh that didn’t break the bank.


One look at our house and it’s obvious I love green, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I chose Vintage Vogue from Benjamin Moore to splash on the walls.Boys-Bedroom-Painted-Vintage-Vogue-Right-Side-Vertical

It’s a deep green with a slight blue tone that plays well with the blue rug and blankets; wood tones pop against it.


After the paint was dry to the touch, we moved the furniture, snugging the right bed closer to the dresser to match the left.  Now that our boys are older and we don’t have the worry they’ll roll out of bed, it seemed best to center the beds on the off-center window.  I called the boys in and showed them the updated room and they were thrilled with the color and new bed placement.  At least until bed time, when they asked for it to be moved back against the wall.  So, we’re back at the only layout that works for this room.


Due to the bed placement, same sized art isn’t an option.  Instead, I took inspiration from the theater room art and made two engineer prints, one with each boy nestled amongst beautiful scenery.



To give their beds a fresh look without buying all new bedding, I pulled out two king pillows to fill the width of the bed.  Two striped pillowcases that came with the basement sheets make up the base layer.


I couldn’t find pillowcases in stores or online that I liked, so I stopped into Joann fabric and found a green, black, and white plaid that feels both boyish and updated.  Buffalo check fabric from Hobby Lobby now covers the accent pillow, because it’s just hard to go wrong with buffalo.


Across the room, between the bedroom entrance and the closet, we filled a thrifted printer style tray with Lego minifigs.  The tray is still within their reach, but holds their favorite characters.


First initial letters, a sign picked out at Yellowstone, and a race ribbon are all items that have personal significance to them.  With only $30 and a day spent to clear the room, fill nail holes, tape, edge, and roll, paint always give the most bang for your buck.  Fabric for the pillow cases and accent pillows cost $20 total.  The hanging engineer prints cost about $15 to make both, bringing the total for this room to a whopping $65.

10 thoughts on “A Makeover Under $75

  1. When I read your Halloween costume post, I thought about how much more grown-up your boys were starting to look. The newly updated bedroom seems to be a good fit! I love the new paint color and art!

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