How To: Trim Out a Door

Our Saturday started with tracking down hinges for the storage benches, followed up by checking out hot tubs.  Then the real fun kicked in, with grout by the bucketful.


Initially, Ben and I both applied the grout.  We quickly realized it was easier for him to apply grout and for me to follow-up with a sponge, cleaning off the bits left behind.  Sunday morning, we both thoroughly washed all 800 square feet, leaving most of our bodies aching.  With the floors grouted and clean, we’re able to start installing the remaining trim.  Trimming out the five sliding doors was first on our list, as the baseboard and batten strips terminate into these.


Working on the top piece first, Ben uses a scrap of the finish wood to measure the thickness of the door reveal.  He then secures shims behind, making the reveal of all doors match.


The same happens on the sides of the doors, extending the frame to fill the depth of the wall.



Carefully cut and measure to ensure a tight fit against the floor.


Before attaching the trim around the door, Ben sprays compressed insulation in the gap to eliminate air infiltration.


Now, the exciting part-adding the finish trim to the doors.  We chose 3 1/2 inch wide square fir trim for a simple, modern look.


For a little interest, and the ease of not having to perfectly match the trim to the extension, we leave about a quarter-inch of the extension showing.


It’s a simple process, not taking much time, but does make the space look more finished.



Is it Saturday yet, so we can get some more trim work done in here?  I’m incredibly excited to get paint on these walls!

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