The Painted Pool House

Bright and early on Saturday, Ben and I put on our best painting clothes, head socks, respirators, and got to work spraying paint.  We used Pro Industrial in Snowbound from Sherwin Williams, and it was okay.  It’s a very thin paint and paired with the detailed board and batten, Ben had to be careful with application.  It dripped in a few areas, but as the day warmed, it dried quicker, which helped a lot.  Unlike oil based paint, water based paints create quite the haze.


Once Ben painted around each door, we cut small slits in the plastic, opened the doors, and popped a fan in the mechanical room window.  We waited several hours for the paint to dry to the touch before pulling the masking off.

Ben started with the ceiling/beam masking while I worked on the doors, windows, and benches.  That first glimpse of the stained wood against the white walls made me stupidly giddy.  Pulling the masking off is far more satisfying than putting it all down, of course.


When the drop cloths were down, it washed out the entire space.  Folding each sheet up to reveal the slate floors grounded the room.


With the walls and ceiling all the same white, the beams, benches, floors, and accessories all stand out.


I was most nervous to pull the tape off the wood, but relieved to see crisp lines.



Ignore the layer of dust and chipped paint bits.


We spent Sunday, our anniversary, installing sconces, outlet/switch/vent covers, and cleaning up the messes.


The floating walnut shelves and vent hood look exactly as I imagined.  Deep, rich walnut always looks good, but especially against a clean, fresh white.



In the half bath, the battens terminate into the marble back splash, creating a textured backdrop for the accessories.


I’ve started to unload my hoard of towels, pillows, and other goodies even though we don’t yet have a pool liner.  That’s next on the list, along with finishing up the kitchen cabinets.

8 thoughts on “The Painted Pool House

  1. Well done!!! Looks fantastic! Love your choices, please let us know where you sourced the sconces in the bathroom.

  2. Amazing! I’ve been waiting with bated breath to see the finished walls and it didn’t disappoint one bit.

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