The Pool House Kitchen Progress

If you’re sick of pictures and posts about the pool house, I’m sorry to disappoint you today.  With the bathroom being the smallest room, it was quick to finish up.  The kitchen area, while not finished, it coming along nicely.  Starting off, the pool had a three step raised, um, wet bar?  Outside the sliding door, there was a small raised rock platform.  So three steps up to go three steps down.


It also featured a winow behind the cabinets, making it look off when seen from outside.  We initially thought the platform perhaps hid plumbing, but a look below showed it was completely open.  With that knowledge, we made the decision to eliminate the raised platform for a free-flowing layout.


Once the platform (inside and out) were removed, we lowered the door and window to keep it even with the floor.


As with the rest of the room, the floors are slate and the walls got the tedious board and batten treatment.


After paint, it looked relatively finished, excluding the cabinets.



With such neutral floors and walls, I wanted to add a bit of color.  Painted cabinets are beautiful, and this small section is the perfect place to experiment.


Green was always my front-runner, and I picked out a mid to dark tone slightly olive green.  Right away, I painted the cabinet boxes to get a feel for it.


I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it.  It was a touch more sage toned than I had in mind, and it was a similar value to the stainless steel counters.


Before changing anything, I lived with it for a few days and turned my attention to the other side of the room.


For this side, we slightly changed plans by building wooden storage benches.  Not only will they store necessary pool related stuff, they’re functional seating for the dining table.  Pool-House-Bench-Area

This one might look familiar, because it was in our breakfast nook.


The size, metal base, and dark green marble top are a perfect match for this bench.  A pair of Union Square sconces from Progress define this area from the rest of the large room.


Floating the legs several inches away allows easy sliding in and out of the bench.



Seeing the dark green swirls in the top made the sage toned green look even more off, so I had the quart retinted.  Of course, because I’m super impatient when it comes to things like this, I started painting the sink box to get a look at it.


On overcast or rainy days, it reads much darker, almost black.  But on sunny days, it’s perfect.


Toe kicks and cabinet doors are still in the works, but good things take time.



Skylights are always amazing, but these giant ones drench the area in the most gorgeous light.


Even with the room unfinished, I love going out there just to appreciate how different it feels.  And we’ve used the oven a few times, too.  Pizza and pool parties to come as soon as we get the liner and water.

7 thoughts on “The Pool House Kitchen Progress

  1. I am currently looking for a green to paint a craigslist find buffet/side table. Please share the name of the darker green tone you used. P.S. Everything looks wonderful and I’ve been following your blog for years enjoying the lovely DIY updates in your home. Your decor/style is fantastic!

  2. It’s looking more and more beautiful all the time! The green cabinets remind me of Jenny Komenda’s on Little Green Notebook.

  3. I love following along with your progress! I much prefer seeing the “start to finish” process than the “before and after”, with nothing in-between. 🙂 Your pool house is looking great!

  4. Love the progress, everything looks great. You might need a bigger table if you’re going to be hosting parties, as I’m sure everyone will be eager to come to the pool house!

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