Railing Redo Complete

After discussing railing options with our friend/client, Ben got to work ordering the various pieces and installing the new railing.  Before installing any new parts, he secured the wobbly newel post, making it solid.Railing-Redo-Finished-Overa

With the 1 1/4 inch balusters spaced into groups of three, each 1 1/4 inches apart, then 3 1/2 inches from the next group, he started building.


The top rail is made 3 1/2 inch wide by 2 inch thick red oak, stained to blend better with the wood in the house.


On the other side, a square handrail follows the slope of the stairs.


Keeping the base simple and painting it white makes it look like a complete system, rather than separate rail and floor.


Before, the posts looked too thick and heavy for the skinny, detailed balusters.  Now, the trio of thick baulsters are similar in width to the post.


At the bottom of the stairs, the angled rail system blends nicely with the existing molding.


Before, the railing felt off-balance and disjointed, with thick white posts and skinny dark wood.


Now, rather than looking overly traditional and dated, it looks fresh and simple.


For a relatively small project, the update has made a big impact.


Style wise, it blends seamlessly with the traditional trim throughout, and the owner’s transitional style furnishings and decor.

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