Closet Configurations

With all of the major projects finished in our house, I’m hoping to turn our attention to the smaller tasks.  Assuming we have the time and desire between client remodels.  The biggest to do is updating our master closet.  When we moved in, I was thrilled to have a walk in closet, but it was a bit beat up and seemed to have a lot of storage.


I painted the shelving white and the walls a fun teal color before moving our stuff in.  It certainly has plenty of space for our needs, but not the greatest for our needs.


While I love the shelving stacks, the shelves aren’t adjustable, leaving big gaps.


The flooring is also cheap commercial like carpet tiles, which I’d love to replace with hardwood floors to flow seamlessly.  Replacing the flooring would require tearing out the current shelving, so I’ve been planning what I would like to change, and here’s what I’ve come up with:


The double hanging rods are great, so we’re keeping that set up.  A tall center stack to divide our sides is also really nice.  I’d like to widen the center tower, adding a tilt out hamper to the bottom.  Shelving with an adjustable track above will allow us to store shoes within easy reach, not in bins along the top shelf.  I’d also like to add a shelf above each hanging bar.


Each end of the closet is currently set up with a shelf stack.  Again, it’s good storage, but not great.


Drawers on the lower 36 inches to store socks, underwear, folded shirts, and pajamas will be a game changer.  More adjustable shelves above will allow flexible storage, from bins to purses to seasonal items.


At 4 feet deep by 11 feet long, there’s not much wiggle room for other configurations, so it’s more about smart solutions.

Apparently it’s closet planning season, because a few weeks after discussing my plan with Ben, I was asked to help plan another closet.  Currently, it’s an unfinished shell with loads of space and potential.


I recommended cabinet doors below the windows, allowing easy access to the deep storage while keeping everything hidden.


It’s a unique shape for a walk in closet, with the option to create zones for different types of storage.  Daily access, seasonal items, and over-sized/infrequently used items.


Daily access items on the far end and right side of the photo below.


The far end would allow for a shelf stack and a spot for long dresses and such.


On the right side, a bigger version of our plan:


I love the combo of stationary and adjustable shelves to maximize storage options.  Shelves can easily be lowered to fit oodles of shoes.  Or raised to accommodate a taller bin for hats or other items.

What are your favorite closet organizing solutions?

One thought on “Closet Configurations

  1. My all-time favorite closet organizing solution is Elfa drawers. I’ve had the same set of ventilated drawers and drawer frames for 25+ years. I’ve reconfigured them several times for different closets and storage needs. I like them so much better than shelves. You can see what’s in the drawers and they stay neat and tidy. The Container Store carries Elfa systems.

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