Grown Up Furniture

Hello friends!  It’s certainly been a while since I’ve been here.  Our business officially hit the one year mark and things have been hectic, in a really good way!  With that, my time and attention have turned elsewhere.  While renovations on our house are complete (minus a few small changes), we’re up to our eyeballs in client projects.  But, I thought I’d pop in with a fun little change we have made to our house recently.  Here’s a photo of our living room into the dining room from a year and a half ago:


And here’s the same space now:


We’re slowly upgrading our thrift store/Craigslist furniture that we’ve purchased because, well, we needed a place to sit or eat.


Now that money isn’t being directed at remodels, we’re able to make some furniture upgrades.  You’ve already seen the sofa, but the dining room has been upgraded.


The Mission/Craftsman style set that was here was a Craigslist table that fit our space and needs, but that’s kind of where the pros ended.  Wrong color and style aside, we didn’t like the bulky, high backed chairs.  Or that people always hit the arms of the two end chairs against the table.  Cleaning around the vertical pieces was a pain, and the placement of the legs and base didn’t allow much more seating than six.


Now, the sleek lines of the Seno table from Article allow seating for 8.  Four chairs easily fit on each side.


Made from solid white oak in a clear finish, the table is what I’d wanted all along.  The smooth, seamless table is easy to clean.  No more digging crumbs out from between the table leaves.



For contrast, I chose 8 metal Thonet style chairs.


These chairs are fantastic.  Slim lines, but still comfortable.  Plus they’re light weight, but still sturdy and stackable.  And affordable to boot!


It’s funny how only the table and chairs have changed, but the updates have made the other elements feel fresh and more modern.


It’s a change that I’ve wanted to make for nearly 7 years, but I’m so happy with how it has come together now.  Any furniture upgrades you’ve made recently that change the whole look and feel of your room?

Hopefully I’ll be back more regularly, maybe not with our home changes, but client remodels.  Do you want to see the progress of their spaces?


4 thoughts on “Grown Up Furniture

  1. I love your new table , and yes , I would love to see all of your client projects. Inspiration comes from everywhere!

  2. The updated dining space looks great and feels like it’s more your style. We’ve slowly upgraded some of our furniture, too. Most recently, a “real” bed. For 10 years, we just had a mattress and box springs on a basic metal frame with no headboard, etc. I still love seeing the new one every time I walk in the room.

    That’s exciting your business is booming. I’d love to see client projects… befores/afters, in progress, tips and tricks, whatever you want to share.

  3. Would love to see client projects too! Love the new dining table, I’m about due for something different around here. Have you enjoyed your summer and the pool house?

  4. That looks sooo much better! I like the direction you’re going! The modern dining set ties in so well with your modern waterfall countertop!

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