Two Bathroom Face Lifts

Much of our remodel work lately has involved bathroom remodels or additions, so why not roll with that theme?  Last fall we embarked on a whole house remodel that wrapped up in January.  I’ve already shared the freshly updated kitchen, as well as the simplified living and dining rooms, but just received the bathroom photos.  On the main floor, a hall bathroom was totally okay before we started, but not amazing.


Now, the navy cabinet adds a burst of color and the concrete looking floor tiles modernize the room.  By keeping the original tub and surround, the updates were affordable and quick.


A bathroom in the basement was a bit more wonky.  A too small vanity and half tile/half carpet in the room were strange.


Our clients wanted a refreshed space without breaking the budget.  We used the same tile as the first bathroom, white shaker cabinets, and budget large format white subway tile to give a clean, blank slate.


For a touch of warmth and to soften the hard lines, a round brass mirror does the trick.  Due to the narrower vanity before, we selected a light bar with a full back to cheat the new light over the wider vanity.


Function and beauty without costing a fortune makes everyone happy, our clients especially.

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