An Added Bathroom

During my unintended blog break, we were hard at work adding a bathroom to a bleak unfinished basement.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any before photos, so I created a floor plan to give a better idea of what we started with.


Above is the before layout, with exposed concrete walls.  There was an unframed opening from an office/bedroom, with a second unframed opening to a closet.  A furnace and water heater along one wall with a side by side top loading washer and dryer on the outside wall.  We measured the space to come up with a functional layout that included a shower, vanity, toilet, washer/dryer, and the furnace/water heater.

I put pen to paper to draw out options and came up with the following plan:


Keeping the furnace in the same spot, we scooted the water heater back to make room for a stacked washer and dryer.  Across the room, we have the bathroom components.  Now that you’ve seen the layouts, let’s look at the real, finished bathroom.


Taking advantage of previously recessed bump out to include adjustable shelves boosted the storage, acting as a linen closet.


A 36 inch vanity tucks neatly into the space, with a mirror and low light due to the duct work hanging above.


Without room for a standard tub/shower combo, we went with a 48 inch wide shower.


Across from the shower, the stacked washer and dryer a recessed into a door-less framed opening.


If you can imagine being in the center of the room, I turned to show the door situation.  On the left, the door hides the furnace while the other goes to the bedroom/office.


Without before photos, it’s harder to appreciate how far this bathroom has come, but picture a stud wall with sheet rock on the opposite side.  By closing off the pass through to the closet, we had room to add the vanity.


I quickly grabbed things from our home to add something (anything!) to the shelves, but the adjustable track is super handy to reconfigure the sizes to store towels, toilet paper, baskets, and anything else.


Overall, this budget bathroom came together in four weeks and added a second bath to the house.

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