Back to Back Bathrooms

Last week, we tore into (literally) a new whole house remodel.  The 70’s built house has good bones and a lot of potential, but hasn’t been updated since it was built.  While the rest of the house is going to see major changes, these two main floor back to back bathrooms need serious reconfiguring.  Originally, the main bathroom measured 100 inches wide by 102 inches deep, with a toilet and vanity to the right and a tub/shower and linen closet on the left.



On the other side of the wall, the master bathroom didn’t feel luxurious at a cramped 48 inches wide by 100 inches deep.


Our goal is to rob Peter to pay Paul.  We’re going to steal two feet of space from the main bathroom to add to the master.  Ahh, demo, such a glorious and beautiful time.


Before we can get into the putting it all back together phase, we first need a plan.  Two, actually, to know where the new plumbing needs to go for each bathroom.  In the main bath, we’re keeping a tub/shower, moving the toilet to the back wall, keeping the vanity to the right and adding a linen cabinet to the end.  We’ll also pocket the door to eliminate that door swing, preventing the bathroom from feeling too cramped.

Main Bathroom Floorplan

Over on the other side of the wall, the master bath will measure 6 feet wide.  This will allow us to move the toilet to the back wall, with a 60 inch wide shower and vanity to the left.  We had this configuration in our previous master bath and really liked the function of it.


As we make progress, I’ll check back in to share more of the design specifics.  I will say, I’m excited to see it all come together.

One thought on “Back to Back Bathrooms

  1. Awesome kitchen! it really turned out great. I love when walls are removed. I would like to know the name of the blueish tile backsplash you used. it is exactly what I have been looking for in my project. Any info would be appreciated!

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