A Completed Cottage Kitchen

First off, sorry it’s been such a long time between updates!  We’ve been busy with client remodel work, which we’re grateful for.  Between work, kids, and all of the end of school year craziness, blog posts have been put on the back burner.  But, we have a few projects we’ve wrapped up and can now share, along with others we’re just starting.  Without further ado, here’s the finished cottage.

Remember the cramped kitchen before we got to work?  The cabinets were original to the house, with the soffit taking up valuable useful space.  Finishes were dated and slowly falling apart.


Now, with the wall removed and fresh white cabinets taken to the ceiling, the room feels twice as big.


Before, the range was crammed into a corner with a tiny cabinet and little working counter space.


By centering the range between two cabinets, there’s twice as much work space.  The additional cabinet space easily accommodates cooking essentials while balancing this side of the kitchen.


In a small home, maximizing space is crucial.  Previously, the wall dividing the kitchen and dining room cramped both rooms.

Cottage Kitchen from Hall Before

With the wall out, flow between is so easy, making both spaces are more functional.  Moving the dishwasher directly next to the sink allows space for two drawer stacks.



Taking a step back, it’s easier to see how dramatically the wall removal opened up the little space.


Continuing the hardwood floors into the kitchen also helps the rooms feel larger without the visual breakup.



New trim and paint were quick and affordable upgrades to the remaining rooms, blending well with the new kitchen.


With all of the neutrals, the colorful tile stands out just as we wanted.  It’s fun, but not overwhelming.



We love the finished rooms, but what really matters is what our clients think.  After all, they’re the ones living in the home.


They’re over the moon, thrilled at how much bigger and more open the home looks, feels, and functions.


No more shimmying to get out of the dining room.  More light, both natural streaming between the rooms and from added recessed cans.  Loads more cabinet space and personality to boot.

10 thoughts on “A Completed Cottage Kitchen

  1. So good to see you’re back- we were getting worried!
    The kitchen looks so good! I agree with you on how that tile works. At some angles you don’t really see the color, just the texture. Are the counters granite?

  2. That’s a great transformation. I really like the tile, like you said colourful but not overwhelming. Are the cabinets custom?

  3. Do you guys ever do long distance kitchen design? I can pick my own finishes and such, but we have a weird layout, and I’m not quite sure what to do with it.

  4. You guys do such beautiful work !! Meticulous attention to detail and thoughtful layout ‘ Could you share paint colors ? I second the ” long distance kitchen design ! ” Really beautiful kitchen !!

    1. Hi Michelle,

      Thank you so much for the kind compliments! The walls are painted in Useful Gray from Sherwin Williams and I love the warmth it adds. It’s not overly gray or beige, just the perfect in between. As for long distance design, I’d love to help! Shoot me an email at ourhumbleabodeblog@gmail.com to discuss more. 🙂


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