Favorite Accessories from Bassett Furniture

This post is sponsored by Bassett Furniture.

A while ago, Bassett Furniture contacted us, asking if we were interested in adding some of their accessories to our home. After a look at their amazing accessory options, we said yes! Before, our living room had a mismatched pair of large thrifted lamps, see both photos below.

While I liked both thrifted lamps a lot, paired with the two different sofa styles, our living room needed balance from matching lamps. When I spotted the handsome and hunky Devereux Lamps I fell hard for them. The concrete has an aged, pitted, handmade look to them that makes each one unique.

Then, I looked at the measurements, as this space needs big lamps, which can be tricky to find.

Standing at 30 inches tall with an 18 inch wide shade, they fill out the room nicely. Even better, the lamps weigh 28 pounds each. Why is the weight important you ask? Well, because of the floating furniture arrangement in here. The lamp cords have to reach back to the wall, and though not a main traffic area, people do still walk over the cords. Thanks to the heavy weight, if someone does snag their foot on the cord, the lamps aren’t easily pulled off the table. Also, here’s a tip if long cords irritate you: With many lamps, you can easily stuff any unnecessary length of cord back into the lamp base. No bundles, no messy tangle, and no work!

Now, our living room feels balanced and a Clyde Pillow flanks each sofa. The woven neutral cover is beautiful and durable, adding a modern touch.

Our living room is the room with the view and the television, so it gets a lot of use. In our adjacent family room, without a tv, it’s a bit quieter and my favorite reading spot. The addition of the sleek and sophisticated Dwight Adjustable Floor Lamp and a down filled Alden Pillow makes reading even easier and more comfortable.

I can scrunch the large pillow into place and turn the lamp on to act as a spotlight on my book. No eye strain here!

Our boys love turning the lamp on with the foot switch and it’s super convenient when I have my hands full with a book, snack, and drink.

Finally, our master bathroom got an upgrade, too. Originally, the bathroom had a smaller round mirror:

We swapped out the sconces and hung the Manning Wall Mirror. At 36 inches wide, it’s a full foot wider than the original. The simple frame, tiny loop at the top, and bevel edge are all small details that make the mirror something special.

Before I recommend products, I prefer to use it and live with it to make sure it’s worthy of recommending. After a year of use, I can say we’re happy with the look, quality, and design of all the Bassett items in our home.

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