You Can Hang Your Hat On It

Hello and happy Monday!  Well, as happy as a Monday can be.  How was your weekend?  Saturday brought beautiful weather with temps in the low sixties.  A touch of spring that I’m desperately clinging to.  Yesterday started out nice, but ended with a snow storm complete with thunder and lightning.  Never have I witnessed a snow/thunder storm combo.  We took advantage of the nice weather and ran errands and grabbed lunch on Saturday.  Which is always a treat.  And we made a little tweak to the entertainment center.  But let me back up, several weeks ago, Ben put in all the drawers.  Then I primed and painted the inside and outsides.


Last weekend he attached the drawer fronts using this technique.


After some debate and opinion gathering, we chose handle option number 1, the simple (cheapest) square ended one.


My favorite and so pretty.  After all, hardware is jewelry for a room.


As usual, our projects are never in the quick one week and done style.  Oh no, we like to drag it out, because what else would we want to do?  Pshh, that’s totally it.  That means we still have a few things to do.  Number one, cut pieces for the toe kick, prime, and paint.  The only wood accent I want is the pretty top, not unfinished pine.


Annnnd I still want doors on the upper cabinets.  We don’t have a lot of clutter there, but the bounty of speakers and electronics doesn’t look pretty.  Doors would also help cut down the amount of dust.


For now, I grin like a fool when I see finished drawer fronts with functional storage behind.  The boys now have a place to keep toys.


The top drawer closest to the stairs is super handy to store hats and gloves (and other randoms like plastic pea pods) that normally get lost in the closet.


And that brings us to this weekend’s little tweak.


We hung the tv to the back wall, making it easier to clean under.


In addition to showing off more of the dark wood top.  What do you think of the nearly finished entertainment center?  Tall, dark, and handsome, right?  Of course that’s about the only thing that is done in the living room.  Now I want to repaint the walls with a little color (notice the blue swatches?) in a flat paint.  Satin is entirely too glossy on the knock down texture.