Butterfly in the Sky {Free Prints}

Do you remember the Reading Rainbow song?  Well, now you’ll have it stuck in your head.  All day.  I’m sorry.  How about a butterfly free printable to make up for it?  Available in Aqua:










And orange:


Looking for custom colors?  Hop over to our shop to customize your own print.  Happy Friday, and have a wonderful weekend!

Baby You’re a Firework

Readers in the US know the Fourth of July is coming up soon.  In honor, I have a free 8 inch by 10 inch sparkler print design in six Americana colors to get you geared up.  Fourth of July is such a nostalgic holiday.  Along with our local parade, we enjoyed barbeques, fireworks, snaps, and sparklers.







Print away!  While you’re printing, care to share your plans for the Fourth of July?  Barbeque at your house?  Fireworks?  A vacation?

Valentine’s Folding Cards

Want another Valentine’s free printable?  Sure you do!  This time, we’re sharing fold over cards.  If your kids have a Valentine’s party to attend, we’ve got you covered with a few cute (though I’m biased) tag printables.

If you’re looking to dish out candy, Nuts About You! tags are perfect.

Click the link, print, cut along the tick marks, and fold along the dotted line.  Grab a bag of cellophane bags from the craft store (mine are 3 1/4 inches square when closed).  Fill with peanut M&Ms (or another nutty treat), close, and staple the card over.  There’s plenty of room for your little one to write a message to their friends.

If you don’t want your kids hopped up on sugar, give stickers instead.  If your kids are anything like mine, they love three simple things: balloons, bubbles, and stickers.  Any stickers.

Here’s Sticking With You, the girly version:

Or, we’ve got blue for a more boyish look.

Same routine.  Print, cut, fold, staple to the package.

I couldn’t find stickers I liked, so I designed and printed my own.

But I had a problem.  I printed the stickers on full label sheets.  So I cut the designs out.  Now I had to package them.  A piece of wax paper cut to fit inside the same cellophane bags became a perfect backing for the home-made stickers.  Just peel the label backing off, stick and seal.

I happened to have a mini stapler with orange staples, so I used that.  Seriously, mini + office supplies = adorably irresistible.

You can make your own stickers to go with, too.

Print on full label sheets, then use a ruler and utility knife to cut apart, keeping centered between designs.  Or, buy a big package at the store and divide up on wax paper sheets for a quick and sugar-free gift.

What Valentine’s cards have you given?  Store bought?  Hand made?  Candyless?

P.S.  This is the last Valentine’s project we’ll share.  Pinkie swear.