Butterfly in the Sky {Free Prints}

Do you remember the Reading Rainbow song?  Well, now you’ll have it stuck in your head.  All day.  I’m sorry.  How about a butterfly free printable to make up for it?  Available in Aqua:










And orange:


Looking for custom colors?  Hop over to our shop to customize your own print.  Happy Friday, and have a wonderful weekend!

17 thoughts on “Butterfly in the Sky {Free Prints}

  1. You know what? You pretty much rock. And my house is FILLING up with your printables. Maybe one of these days I won’t be so broke and can pick up a custom one!

  2. Thank you! I’ve been looking for something to put in my daughter’s room! The green will got perfect with her butterfly and hummingbird curtains!

  3. I love your butterflies. I have a question for you. IS there any way that you could personalize a print with the 3 orange butterflies? Our daughter died shortly after birth and at her funeral there was this giant orange butterfly that kept flying around and it had come to symbolize our daughter; so much so that it is what is on her headstone. I would love to have a print of the butterflies with her name and her birthday. How much would that cost to have it personalized. IF you could let me know I would appreciate it.

  4. I love these! I am going to do the purple and will have to send you a pic of your framed art — along w/the pic of the custom print you did for me which I still have not found the time to get a nice frame for and hang it.

  5. What beautiful images of butterflies. Thank you so much for letting us have these for free. At the moment my finances are very tight but hopefully in the very near future I will be in a position to make a purchase. Have a nice day.

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