Which Way, Which Gray?

Hey friends!  Sorry I wasn’t here yesterday.  I started a few projects and wanted/needed to finish them up.  One of those projects is for our master bedroom.  You see, here’s our current bed set up.


We had a bed frame and headboard, but they squeaked every time we rolled over.  So annoying, so we took it out.  Now we’re living bachelor pad style, with the box spring on the floor.  At least we have two box springs to get some height.  Yes, so fancy.


Ben built a bed over the weekend.  And I have some work to do to make it purty.  But, I need to choose a paint color.  Wanna help?  Right now, the room is a blank slate.  Only the painted doors will stay.  Possibly the bedding, but we’ll probably stick with white if we change it out.


Regardless of the item, I’m consistently drawn to blue-greens.  Either Blue Sage or something similar will go on the walls when we get to that point.  What color should we paint the bed?  We’ve ruled out white (too much) and black (because we’ve already had one and want something different).  Of course we’ve got several dark gray colors going on (the doors and the entertainment center).  Which brings us to… light gray.


I pulled out a bunch of swatches I already had and then plucked out the too green/purple/dark ones, which left me with six contenders.  Left to right we’ve got Gray Owl, Harbor Gray, Wickham Gray, Classic Gray, (all Benjamin Moore) Oyster Pearl Clark + Kensington), and Ocean Pearl (Behr) on top.  Do you have a favorite?  Or a light gray I didn’t mention?  I bought a test sample of Oyster Pearl yesterday.  On its own, it looks almost white.  Against something white, it looks perfect.  At least to me.  I need to get Ben’s opinion.


What do you think of the color combo?


Would you go with gray?  Or something else entirely?

8 thoughts on “Which Way, Which Gray?

  1. I just put Behr’s Cracked Pepper on an accent wall in my dining room and absolutely LOVE it. It is dark so may be too dark for what you are looking for. It might be a good one to keep in your library for future use.

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