Squirrel in the House!

Luckily, not a real squirrel.  Just squirrel colored paint.  On the doors.  Two down, six more to go!

Main Bathroom Painted Door from Hall

Handy Sammy is home visiting his family, so I took this opportunity to paint the main bathroom door.  When only the boys are using it and they don’t care about privacy.

Main Bathroom Painted Door Open

I used Behr’s Squirrel, color matched to Glidden’s Duo paint.  Two coats of paint on each side with drying time between and here we are.

Main Bathroom Painted Door Closed

This is the only room we’ve installed new trim, and I love the contrast of the dark gray door with white.

Main Bathroom Painted Door With Shower Curtain

This color changes depending on the lighting.  Sometimes it has a green tint, others slightly brown.  But here’s the most accurate shot of the color.

Main Bathroom Painted Door Handle

And now the brass handles don’t look terrible.  Still not my favorite, but better.  Perhaps I can use a very fine sandpaper to take the polished brass down to a satin brass?  Ben is completely against spray painted handles, so that’s out.  I’ve also tried Blue Magic and steel wool without any change.

Do you like dark painted doors?  Have you used a fine sandpaper to tone down the brightness of brass?

13 thoughts on “Squirrel in the House!

    1. Hi Ashley G!

      Thanks so much! I love dark stained doors, too. If you’re buying new doors, I’d suggest staining. You can always paint later. If these doors weren’t so detailed or if I had more patience, I’d stain these. 🙂


  1. Hi Amanda, I have a random question. We’ve been working on a remodel in our home for a couple years now (it’s been a huge undertaking) and now have an 8 month old baby who is getting ready to crawl. Any tips on how you keep your home in order and safe through all the renovation chaos?

    1. Hey Jasmine!

      Ooh, that’s a good question! If possible, try to work on one room at a time. That way you’ve got fewer spaces to worry about and depending on the room, you can close the door. Also, a shop vac is your best friend. If you don’t have one, I highly recommend picking one up. Keep it close as you’re working and stop to clean up after making small messes. That way you’re not stuck cleaning up one giant mess at the end and you don’t have to worry about baby getting anything.

      Find a convenient place to store tools that’s out of reach, too. Preferably in a room that you can close the door. Sometimes, you just have to seclude yourself and baby during dangerous projects. The easiest thing is to create a safe zone for you and baby to play when he/she can’t be in other areas.

      Does that help? If you want to get a little more specific, maybe I can too. 🙂


      1. Thanks for your response. This really helps! I usually get so caught up with how large and overwhelming the project is as a whole, so im going to try this and not let myself worry as much about those unfinished areas. thank you

  2. Love love your bathroom! Just one question, does water from the shower seep into the corner and eventually wrap the bath panel? We have a shower screen and water continues to leek and it’s making it’s way behind the bath panel (a removable one) and onto our floor :o(

    1. Hi Jenna!

      Aww, thank you so much! We’ve never had water seem behind the panel. We do make sure to tightly close the curtain. So sorry to hear about your leak and that I couldn’t be of help. 😦


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