Court Rules

This landscaping bit is no joke.  We’ve been working our way around the yard since early April.  Leveling low spots, transplanting plants, and spreading rock to keep our yard as low maintenance and weed free as possible.  Here’s part of our front yard before:

Lots of dirt, weeds, a few dead or dying plants and that’s about it.  After weeks of work, here’s where we are today:


When discussing and planning the front yard, we knew we didn’t want to water, mow, and keep up a small patch of grass here.  What to do instead? gave us the perfect (for us) solution.  A bocce ball court. 

Once spring rolls around, we’ll stock up on plants to green up the rock.  But, that hasn’t stopped us from playing a few games already.


To edge the court, Ben used steel (it came with the wood deck beams) for a clean edge.


We also pulled the giant concrete fountain out of the pool house and put it in the front yard.

New-House-Pool-Room April 13 2012

It’s centered on the pool house door, but off-center of the bocce court.


And this little area is quickly becoming a favorite of mine.  Home Depot had 1 gallon hydrangeas for 9 bucks each, so I grabbed two.  At first, I didn’t know where I’d put them.  Then realized the part shade end of the deck would be perfect.


Now I’ve got to get a hammock to hang between those trees.  They’re practically begging for it, right?!  And I just might have to get a few (or several) more hydrangea plants.  One can never have too many beautiful flowers.