The Gross Kind of Popcorn

Gross popcorn certainly does not come from the movie theater.  Or in the cheddar cheese and caramel mixed bag at Costco.  Oh no, those are delicious.  The gross popcorn plagues hundreds of thousands of homes across America.  An epidemic especially in homes built between 1970 and 2000.  We’ve got it, maybe you do too?  In an effort to rid ourselves of the dreaded popcorn, I moved the boys’ bedroom furniture into the guest room.  Leaving me with an empty room ready for popcorn removal.


Of course I had to move the guest furniture out before that.


Because I was alone in the moving process, I dragged the mattress and box spring across the hall to our room.


Three rooms affected by the dreaded popcorn.  Yes, all that to say goodbye to this:


Yesterday I did something I’d never done before.  After wrapping the room in Dexter-ish plastic, I scraped popcorn off a ceiling.


Guess what?  It wasn’t hard or bad.  In fact, it was satisfying.  Watching the ugly peel off, leaving behind a near paint-ready ceiling.  Which gives me a boost of confidence to get our larger room done, too.  For those with a popcorn ceiling problem, I’m working on a removal tutorial right now.  Something to look forward to next week.

So tell me, do you hate popcorn ceilings?  What’s the worst wall finish?