Video, Video, Video!

Only a month after I promised, too!

First, a few fun facts:

1.  I filmed the entire house, then watched the video, realized how terribly shaky it was, and re filmed the house.  It’s still shaky, but I walked slower, so it is better.

2.  I hate the sound of my voice on video; I sound like a man.

3.  You can see V throwing sand and hear E making noises in the back yard.  And, you can see Jack hanging in the back yard in the pool video.

4.  We’ve done a few little projects you can see, and I’ll share more later on.  Curtains and floor tile, I’m talking about you.

5.  This is the cleanest this house has been since we’ve started living here.  We’re expecting guests and I seized the clean house/quiet kid moment.

6.  Uploading the ten minute house video to YouTube took over two hours.  That’s how much we love our readers.

Here’s the tour of the house:

And a shorter video of the pool room.

Can I get a ‘finally!!’?

So, was it what you expected?