Video, Video, Video!

Only a month after I promised, too!

First, a few fun facts:

1.  I filmed the entire house, then watched the video, realized how terribly shaky it was, and re filmed the house.  It’s still shaky, but I walked slower, so it is better.

2.  I hate the sound of my voice on video; I sound like a man.

3.  You can see V throwing sand and hear E making noises in the back yard.  And, you can see Jack hanging in the back yard in the pool video.

4.  We’ve done a few little projects you can see, and I’ll share more later on.  Curtains and floor tile, I’m talking about you.

5.  This is the cleanest this house has been since we’ve started living here.  We’re expecting guests and I seized the clean house/quiet kid moment.

6.  Uploading the ten minute house video to YouTube took over two hours.  That’s how much we love our readers.

Here’s the tour of the house:

And a shorter video of the pool room.

Can I get a ‘finally!!’?

So, was it what you expected?

21 thoughts on “Video, Video, Video!

  1. Thanks for the video! I’m very interested to hear what made you guys fall in love with this house, and what you love, hate, and want to change about it. Raised ranches aren’t usually my bag, nor are a lot of the finishes that are there – but I imagine you have GREAT plans for this house. I’m dying to hear what some of them are.

  2. How deep does that pool go? I love this house! So much potential, really looking forward to seeing what you guys pull off. I already love how the bathroom is coming along!

  3. Thanks for the tours Amanda! I can see why you guys fell in love with this house!!! Also – you do not sound like a man 🙂 But I understand how you feel – I also don’t like my voice on video.

  4. I love your house! It’s so big & has a lot of potential. Plus, the pool room is amazing w/ those views and skylights. How deep is the pool? Are you worried about someone falling in there? Eek, looks like a long way down, haha! I’m also curious what a reloading room is…

    Keep up the awesome work, and thanks for sharing!

  5. I’ll be back to answer more questions, but the reloading room I mentioned is Ben’s gun ammo reloading space.

  6. Loved the tour of your house. I have serious DIY envy. We’d love to own our own home and be able to do some of the things you do, but at this point in time are hampered by the military. I can’t wait to see what you do with the mountain house.
    Also- so envious of your views. I grew up in utah and montana, and I miss mountains like that!

  7. what an amazing party house this is! i love all of the windows and how much light they provide! i am super jealous of that basement too. if we had that, i would turn it into a tv room/playroom with all the kids’ toys.

  8. You don’t sound like a man! But I hate the sound of my own voice too.

    I love those floors. Love them. They make they house!

    1. Hey Emily, Good questions. Things we love about the house: large windows, fantastic views, great neighborhood, the floor plan, the lot and privacy. Things we hate: most of the interior finishes. (except the wood floors, which we wish weren’t inlay…) Of course changing the interior finishes will be a similar process to our first house, so we’re okay with that. We plan to slowly change the interior, upgrading trim, replacing windows, painting, building organization, demo and remodeling bathrooms and the kitchen. I actually like the raised ranch style, coming from a short rancher, this is a nice change of pace. Even if for security reasons only (harder to reach windows). We understand this house style isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but the neighborhood and price were too good to pass up. I’d love to share definite plans, but we’re still figuring out exactly what we want to do in certain places. We’ve got a lot of necessary (not pretty) stuff to do first. New roof, new geothermal, and insulation are next on our list.

      Hey Laura! The pool is about 9 feet at the deep end. The pool door is locked, so we’re not terribly concerned, but the boys aren’t allowed in there alone.

      Hi Erin, Yeah, the basement is just storage right now. We’ve got our tv in the living room and it works for our needs. I actually really like that all the living spaces are on the same level.


  9. Thanks, lady! You don’t sound like a man haha… you sound great. I love it and can’t wait to visit someday. I’m really excited to see what ideas you guys come up with for the wet bar and the downstairs… that pool room is going to be simply awesome. Especially with the skylight looking up at the Rims!!! A fourth of July party with the deck, a nice hot-tub new years party with snow…. I’m just a little (in-a-good-way) jealous. It’s too good to be true! Seems like the boys have a lot of good areas to play, too, with the deck and back patio both right there out the windows. So happy for you guys, keep up the good work!

    And Jen, I hear you on the military. We’re totally dreaming of the day we can actually buy a house to live in for more than 3 years! At least we have time to get our tastes and ideas together.

  10. Hi Amanda,

    I’ve been following your blog since you were featured on Young House Love. I have to tell you it is so fun seeing your process from the very beginning with your new home. It’s sure to be amazing when you are finished. Thanks for sharing and best of luck!


    1. Thanks, everyone!

      Hi Laura, The mirror in the family room was a garage sale find. Originally it was kelly green and we’ve painted it black and now white. Sorry that’s not much help to you, but if you search ‘ornate mirror’ you should find cool alternatives.


  11. Absolutely enjoyed the videos!! What a great idea! I feel almost like I’ve been there for a visit in person! I love your new home… and enjoy following your progress!! Wish I was even half as talented @ decorating as you are! Leslee in Tennessee

  12. It says the 1st video is private. Is there an updated one or something? I was hoping to understand layout and flow.

  13. I’m new to you…I saw an article in Better Homes and gardens of your blog and I have to say that I have read every single word and I love that you are just you!! We have renovated our house as well with our own hands. Our house was built in 1932 and it has been a difficult task, but we are doing it room by room and as we can afford to do it!! I am going to have a look at your etsy things and hopefully I can find some things to decorate our house with! Blessings to you and your family😀

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