Basement Progress: During

We’re back to show the progress of our basement.

First, Ben framed in the walls and moved the duct work.  It ran through the middle of the ceiling and tall people hit their heads when they walked down the stairs.  Next,  we started hanging, taping, and mudding the sheet rock. 

The Framing Process:


Then, Ben laid 20″ square tiles and 6″ square tiles in a pin wheel pattern throughout the basement living room, office, bathroom and landing area.

After Ben (with some help from his brothers) finished sanding the sheet rock, it was time to start adding trim.  Miles and miles of glorious trim! 

We decided to extend our staircase to open up the landing area. 

5 thoughts on “Basement Progress: During

  1. Amanda- I love your blog! Congrats on getting it up and running. I would love to stay in that guest room- it looks so inviting! We painted our master a similar color and I love waking up to a calming gray/blue/green.

  2. Thanks, Sarah!! Our guest room is my second favorite room in our house now. My office has taken it’s place. I hope to post the finished room soon!!

  3. Hello! We are literally in the process of doing the exact same thing to our basement steps(extending the last three steps into the landing area) How did you all do this? A how to, or tips would be greatly appreciated!!

    Thank you!!

    1. Hi Amie!

      Honestly, this was so long ago I don’t fully remember. But I think my husband attached cleats the the wall as well as the side of the stair stringer to rest the new tread sections on. Does that make sense?


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