Yes, Master (Bedroom)

We’re back to show how we transformed our master bedroom.  Yeah, it’s much better now.

Ben ripped out the old carpet and installed the Pergo floor shortly after he bought the house.  So, we ripped out the Pergo flooring (we both hated the hollow sound it made when we walked on it).  We came up with a simple 12 inch grid pattern for the trim and added it to the walls using MDF.  We also added crown moulding above the doors and windows.  Ben had the brilliant idea to add recessed rope lighting (on a dimmer) inside the crown.  AMAZING!  Then we sprayed all of the trim the same white that we used in the other bedrooms.  (Behr’s Vermont Cream color matched in Wal-Mart’s Colorplace brand). 

Then we painted the room Behr’s Squirrel.  I loved it, Ben hated it.  Soooo, we painted the walls a lighter version of Squirrel:

Yeah, neither of us liked that one.  Maybe a pale blue?  NOPE!  It was baby blue!  Ben wanted red.  I HATE red bedrooms (or rooms in general), but I was sick of painting.  We agreed that the bedroom could be red if Ben painted.  The red didn’t stay long.  We finally agreed (and LIKED!) Restoration Hardware’s Bay Laurel paint color. 

Then we got down to business!  Installing 3/4 inch thick, solid red oak flooring to match the rest of the house.  Here’s an action shot:

Yes, that is my talented husband.  After the floors were installed, we filled all the holes and joints. 

Here is what the room looked like at that stage:

Then Ben sanded the floors with a rented sander.  Feel the power.

We coated the floor with Waterlox Original Sealer.  We chose an oil finish to allow touch ups to be made.  Here’s the after shot!

So, that’s how we (Ben and a very pregnant Amanda) installed our red oak floors in our master bedroom.  The floors really enhance the bedroom and tie it in with the rest of the house.

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