Raise your hand if you’ve fallen in love with the Moooi Random Pendant light

I have.  What I haven’t fallen for if the price tag.  $510 for the small, $1807 for the large.  Ouch!  So, I did a little research and found a few success stories to recreate this thing of beauty.  Jen at Made by Girl did a fantastic job on hers and offered a tutorial, too.  Most DIY versions, like Jen’s, involve string, yarn or another fiber soaked in glue, wrapped over a ball.  That sounded a little messy to me.  I thought, “Hey, why couldn’t I use wire?”  So, I picked up silver 26 gauge wire, marked a circle on my ball and started wrapping, holding the wire in place.  After about 10 times around, I let go and everything unraveled.  I guess there is a reason I couldn’t use wire. 

So, does anyone know of a wire that would hold its shape to create something like this?  Do I need a heavier gauge?  Any tips would be greatly appreciated for plan b.

Wanna see a successful DIY pendant?  Check out my coffee filter cloud pendant.

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