Everything, Including the Kitchen Sink

Wednesday afternoon we finished installing the new 3/4 inch thick stained hickory floor.  And we’re completely in love.

With the floor done, we started installing the cabinets Thursday morning.  Because we’re washing dishes in the bathroom sink, getting a sink was a pressing matter.  Rather than incorporating the toe kick in the cabinet, we cheat and build separate toe kicks.  Two by fours are the perfect height and they’re durable, so Ben makes boxes three inches smaller than the overall cabinet size.

Using long screws, Ben attached the boxes to the floor.

That part went quickly.

For the next several hours, Ben drilled several holes in our floor and ran tons of wires.

Wires for what?  Ben’s awesome idea.  Under cabinet lighting.  And not the halogen task lighting.  Rope lighting under the toe kicks.  A similar idea to the crown molding accent lighting in our master bedroom.  We’ve had several people ask how to do this.  I’m no electrician, so don’t quote me here, but Ben starts with a piece of rope light with a plug-in end.  He cuts the plug off and strips the wires.  Then it’s just a matter of connecting the proper wires to one another and capping everything off with wire nuts and electrical tape.

The posts we have on each side of the stove are mostly for support.  In an effort to keep the posts as small and unobtrusive as possible, we decided to put our switches inside the cabinets on the living room side.  We’ll have a bar top across the cabinets with a six-foot opening between for bar stools.  Here’s one of the cabinets by the kitchen entrance.

Don’t follow?  Here’s what it looks like from the kitchen side.

While Ben ran wires, Everett and I cheered him on.  Every time Ben nailed or screwed something down, Ev would say, “Nice!”


Ben took the afternoon off to go hunting.  Fortunately, he shot a deer, so he’s done for the rest of the year.  Unfortunately, we still didn’t have a kitchen sink.  Which means he had to clean his deer in our bathroom.  To say I was displeased is an understatement.  We needed a functioning sink, stat.  Friday morning Ben started working again, setting cabinets.

A small kitchen requires maximizing every square inch.  Even though we’re losing an entire wall of upper cabinets, we’re gaining a lot of usable space.  In fact, the only wasted space is this three-inch gap between the peninsula and trash drawer.  The only reason for this is drawer clearance.

Shortly before the sink could be installed, Ben brought it up from the basement.


A little more wiring for the dishwasher, which we ordered and should be here on Thursday, before the sink could go in.

Then some plumbing.

After five days without a kitchen sink, we were back in dish washing business.

Then we had a little leak.  Everything worked, but the leak came from dishwasher hook up.  Because we don’t have a dishwasher.

Duct tape over the hole works for now.  And here’s the sink side in its current state.  Oh, you’ll also see we have the trash under the sink.  After buying a 10.1 gallon trash and putting it in the trash drawer we realized there would be a fair amount of wasted space above it.  Luckily, it fits perfectly under the sink.  Along with another can for recycling.  Which means, we’re gaining a small drawer stack in the place of the original trash drawer.

In other news, we hoped the wood for the counters would arrive this past Thursday.  Sadly, it didn’t.  Now we’re shooting for Wednesday.  Fingers crossed it comes in and we like it so we can get counters in.  Though, we’re lucky because Ben built the cabinets with flat tops, so we have a solid work surface.  Things could definitely be worse.

Many of you commented that we’re making quick progress.  Even though we’re living with a torn apart kitchen, I have to agree.  Everything is back to functioning order and it can only get better from here.

What do you think of the kitchen so far?  Progressing faster than you anticipated?  Just wait until you see tomorrow’s post.  Yes, that is a teaser.

20 thoughts on “Everything, Including the Kitchen Sink

  1. Tease! 🙂 You said it, not me…

    Your husband is a machine! This has to be the fastest kitchen reno I have ever witnessed. Much better than our three-month bathroom addition. That is still not done. And is approaching month four. Oy. Maybe I’ll finish in time to roll some afters out with your kitchen after photos. Maybe.

  2. Hi Lindsay, Yep, we’re building the cabinets completely from scratch. Once we get the counters we can start on the drawer and cabinet fronts.

    Stephanie, He really is, isn’t he?!? Considering we tore out the soffit on October 8 and here we are on the 31 with cabinets in and a functioning sink. Exciting! Good luck with your bathroom addition. In your defense, you’re starting completely from scratch, which takes a while. 🙂

    Pine Tree Home, Thanks! We love them too. 🙂

  3. Love the picture of Everett! Nice!
    I am LOLing at the thought of Ben cleaning his deer in the bathroom. Redneck much??!? j/k, you know I love you!
    You are making fantastic progress on the kitchen. CAN. NOT. WAIT to see what you have in store for tomorrow!

  4. The kitchen is coming along nicely. Ours took nearly 6 months start to finish taking down to the studs and making our own cabinets. Looking great!

  5. You guys continually amaze me! Your kitchen is going to be a beauty. Love the pic of your son peeking out of the sink. So cute!

  6. Wow, I can only hope that when we decide to redo our kitchen it will go as quickly. For your next project, maybe an outdoor kitchen with a giant sink for cleaning things like deer? That would be cool. Can’t wait to see the pics tomorrow!

  7. PS The floors look amazing! I actually winced when I read about your husband drilling the holes for the wiring. I think I’d need a week before I would allow anyone NEAR them!

    1. Hi Jenna! Haha, I thought so, too. 🙂

      Heather, Thanks! We love the sink, too. I love the mix of the modern stainless and the classic apron design.

      Hi Teri, That’s pretty quick from studs to rebuild, especially when you’re making everything on your own. 🙂 Great work!

      Monique, I cracked up when I saw Vincent doing that. He’s such a goof. And thanks for your sweet compliments! 🙂

      Myvegaslife, totally awesome idea! I’d even be happy with a sink in the garage.

      Ka, Thanks so much!! I think the toe kick lighting will be great, too. Just have some trim to add before the lights. And, I totally held my breath when Ben started drilling. I kept reminding myself this is under the cabinets. No one will ever see it… And I hate when the floor is dirty. I want it pristine and new. Haha.

      SallyHP, I hope it goes quickly. It has so far. Soon here though, it will be a waiting game. Waiting on the wood for the counters, which means we’re waiting to build drawer fronts. Then we’ll have to wait for several coats of paint to dry.

      Hi Regan, Thanks so much! We can’t wait to share more! 🙂

      Katrina, Thank you! We’re loving it, too!

  8. Wow, Amanda, I can’t wait to see it all done! I can’t believe you are building the cabinets, that is A-ma-zing! Ben is pretty awesome too, he sure can do it all. 🙂

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