All the Fixings

Now that we’ve sold our house, we’re working on it again.  Nothing major, just small projects we want to finish up.  Adding fascia to the exterior.

Installing and staining window trim.

As you can see, Ben had a little help(er) for this project.  I went into the house to get a paint brush for Ben, came back out, but didn’t see V.  Ben asked if he went in with me.  Then V popped up from the window well.  Scared the crap out of me!

One of the things we promised to finish was the fence on the ends of the house.  Ben didn’t finish the south end when he worked on the rest of the fence because the old posts were cemented in.  Finally, he had a reason to tackle this.  Simple enough, and I stained it to match.

Here’s what the north side looked like last summer.  The fence is done, but we lacked a real gate.

That’s done now.

So much better.  Jack approves, too.

For the past two years the French doors in my office have been without door handles.  We recently replaced a few handles for locking levers in the basement, so Ben retrofitted the old handles to work for the office.  He just removed the plungers and we’re good to go.

See the gaping hole below?

Here it is today, complete with closet doors.

Ben still has to cut a trim piece to hide the track, but we’re getting there.

We’ve done all this, but I have yet to pack a single box to actually move.  I’m afraid it will jinx the closing (our situation is slightly different than usual).  So, keep your fingers crossed everything goes smoothly and we’ll update you as soon as we can!

7 thoughts on “All the Fixings

  1. Were these all items requested by the buyers/agreed upon in the contract or just touch ups you are choosing to do because you’d been meaning to and want to leave the house finished for the new owners? Just curious! 😉 Because your house looked pretty finished even before all of this!

  2. Love the new doors. We are currently in a solid battle with our bifold doors to get them to close properly. I swear the tracks were designed by crazy people.

    Do you guys have a dog? Never seen him on the blog before!

    1. Hi Leila! Ben bought two flat panel doors from Home Depot. Each was under $30 and then he bought a sliding track to complete the doors. Nothing too crazy, and if you stop in HD, they should be able to help you find everything you need.

      Hey Trisha, We’re so lucky because we have the best buyer in the world. All of these things are projects we would want done if we were staying here. While selling the house, we told everyone we planned to finish the fence and install the closet doors. We’ve just been looking things over and finishing up some of the smaller, should have been done ages ago projects for our own sake. Of course there are bigger projects we would do if we were staying here, like the patio and the steam shower, but we want the house as done as we can get it.

      Hi Nora! I hear you. I vow to NEVER install bifold doors in a house. They never seem to close properly and little fingers get pinched to easily. I much prefer the sliding doors (both for look and function) over bifolds. Yep, that’s our dog. She’s usually not on the blog because she prefers to stay as far away from construction noise as she can. But she was hoping we were going for a walk when I was taking those pictures. 🙂


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