You Say Suspenseful I Say Fenceful

After this post, a lovely reader asked if we could write-up a quick post about our fence and how we made it.  Always happy to answer questions, here it is.

The fence is made up of 4 inch by 4 inch by 8 foot long posts and 2 inch by 6 inch by 16 foot long lumber from Home Depot.  Ben measured eight feet apart, used a post hole digger to make a 4 foot deep hole.  He did this for each post, 22 total on our property.  After setting each post, leaving it 4 feet above ground, we attached the 2 by 6 horizontals.  These are about 4 inches apart, for a total of five high.

We staggered the seams to keep the fence as strong as possible.  The gate took longer to finish because Ben couldn’t find strong hinges.  But, with the impending closing date looming, we knew it had to happen, sooner than later.  Ben bought a set of hinges and a latch at Home Depot.

To build the gate, Ben cut a 2 by 4 to the match the height of the horizontals.  Then, he screwed five 2 by 6 pieces, keeping the gate square as he went.

On either side of the gate we have a 4 inch square post and a 2 by 4, which is actually part of the gate.

Luckily, the hinges are perfect for the 2 by 6, so Ben installed one at the top and another on the bottom to hold the gate in place.

To protect the fence and keep it looking spiffy, we use Behr’s Solid Color Wood Stain, just like the rest of the fence.  So, that’s the simple fence we have and how to make one yourself.

Previously, we had a chain link fence, which Houdini, I mean Jack escaped from regularly.  We’re happy to report she hasn’t been able to get out of this one.  Also, this style fence can work for smaller dogs by adding 2 by 2 pieces between the 2 by 6s.

What style of fence do you have?  Why did you choose it?  To keep kids and pets in?  To keep neighbors out?

8 thoughts on “You Say Suspenseful I Say Fenceful

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this! We happen to have those same hinges laying around and I think we’ll put them to use for this. One last question, do you by chance have an estimated price range the whole fence cost you in wood? I know that ours will vary of course, since we likely have different size perimeters, just trying to get a ball park range. We only have to sides to fence in and 2 gates we’d like to put up on either side of the house. Thanks for all your helpfulness so far!

    1. Hi Lizzy, She rarely makes it to the blog because she hates the sound of construction. 🙂

      Hey Emily, Her name is Jackie, but we call her Jack. She’s a Siberian Husky we rescued from the animal shelter when she was 2 1/2; she’s almost 8 now. Jack has made it to a few posts, but not many. Here are her cameos: and That first pic in the second post was taken shortly after we got her.

      Hi Amy! To fence our 1/4 acre lot cost about $1000. Ben said each post cost about 10 bucks and each 2 by 6 cost around 6. Like you said, the price will vary depending on the size and cost of lumber near you, but it’s a starting point.

      Hey kbburton, Soon, I promise! Once we close, we’ll share all the details and tons of pictures! Just have to get our hot little hands on those keys at closing. 🙂


  2. Crisp white fence posts makes an awesome farm house fence, great work. I plan to do limestone pillars and timber slats in the front courtyard of our home, timber to match the jarrah in the house 🙂

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