Just Keep Tiling

That’s Ben’s motto these days.  We’ve had the main bathroom shower surround tiled for over a week now, but little projects keep popping up, preventing further progress.   Instead of waiting longer to share, here’s where we’re at now.

Tile from tub to ceiling makes the 8 foot ceilings feel taller and opens the space.

A functional tub is great, but the lack of grout means the boys can’t splash during their bath.

I’m in love with this tile.  It’s a nice gray/cream color with subtle pattern, but nothing that jumps out.  Our floor tile is in and has sat in the garage for a week, while our bathroom floors look like this:

In our down time, we like to relax while watching a show on Netflix or Hulu through our Play Station.  Not a single cable jack exists in this house.  Through wireless internet, the connection is terribly slow, stopping several times to load.  Finally, Ben had enough of it and rigged up a temporary fix.

Cable comes from outside, at the end of the pool room, under the deck (the original owner’s plan), into the floor in my office, up the wall and over.

And we need an actual entertainment center.  But we’ll have to finish the basement, re-roof, install the new geothermal unit, and I’m sure do several more things before an entertainment center can reach the summit of our huge to do list.

After signing closing papers yesterday morning, the boys and I ran errands, including a stop at Joann’s and TJ Maxx.  Picked up another pile of fabric and I’m half way through with this sewing endeavor.  I spied a cute golden yellow and white rug at TJ Maxx.  For $19.99, I figured I could find a home somewhere.

Right now, it’s at the French door off the deck, but I’m considering using it as a large bath mat in the main bathroom.  Not completely sure yet, but I think it’s adorable (and surprisingly soft!).

What’s at the top of your to do list?  Bathroom renovations starting soon?  Need a new roof?  Working on a painting project?  Share with us.

18 thoughts on “Just Keep Tiling

  1. Hope the comment will pass through, I couldn’t do it for the last month or so. I am so glad and impatient for all the projects you have ahead. ANd in the same time I cannot imagine how you’re doing all of the work with the two boys, so small and so full of energy. Good luck with everything! (and the rug is sooooo nice)

  2. The tile looks nice!! We are cable-less at our house (buy choice and love it, but our wireless is fast) I love how your rigged your temp fix! smart thinking

  3. We demoed our guest bathroom over the weekend and haven’t purchased any of the new materials yet. I’m freaking out to say the least! Seeing all of your progress is really inspiring. Good luck with tackling the to do list!

  4. Loving the updates!! And I must have that rug! Going to scour TJMaxx here for its twin 🙂

  5. Your progress completely amazes me. Because you dont have cable, do you think that’s why you can accomplish so much?

  6. I LOVE the tile! And I LOVE all the updates and watching you guys fix this house. You give me inspiration and the desire to want to buy a fixer-upper when the time comes. Thank you for all your tips, ideas, knowledge and inspiration.

    And FYI……I have fallen in love with this house through your pictures. I can’t wait to see all you do with it

  7. I really like your tile. Your bathroom is gonna look great! I have started working on our yard, now that spring has arrived.

  8. I cannot possibly tell you how much I am in love with your new house.
    It may not look like a dream now (but we all know with you in it, it will in a bit), but the bones of the house are amazing and I would kill to have a view and a backyard like that, what a wonderful place to raise your boys.

    Best of luck to you all!

    1. Gah, sorry for the delayed responses lately! Running errands and spotty internet has been the story of my life lately. 🙂

      Hi Kathleen! Yeah, that can be nerve-wracking. Everything will come together, so try to stay calm and do your research. 🙂

      Hey Stpeteeats, Thanks! Our TJ Maxx had two so hopefully you’ll find one, but I did see two similar ones in blue and green. Good luck!

      Hey abfchgirlx! You made me chuckle. Maybe that is the secret after all. But we certainly are guilty of watching old shows on Netflix…

      Hi Sabrina! Thanks so much! We’re happy to share and hope to help and inspire others. 🙂

      Hi Pine Tree Home, A man needs his cable, right?!? Haha.

      Hey Esther, Thanks! And good luck with your yard! Take advantage of the beautiful spring weather. 🙂

      Hi Nicole! Thanks! We love the potential it has! Some people thought we were crazy, but most everyone is coming around now. 🙂

      Thanks for the support, everyone!

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