Ready To Dish It Out

The mountain house boasts many upgrades over our first house.  Fantastic views, more land, larger home, an indoor (non-functioning) pool, room to expand, and loads of untapped potential.  However, there are several slight downgrades from our first home; dated bathrooms (we’re happy to live with until we can remodel), old windows, and crappy appliances.  Appliances that are as old or older than I am.  Like our dishwasher.

I’m pretty sure its close to original in this house.  At any rate, it’s gross.  And I have no clue why there’s a board on the floor at the base.

Apparently, in the 80’s, this monster was considered an energy saver.  Hmm, I wonder what Energy Star rating it would have today?  It still functions, but not very well.  Clean dishes are hit or miss and the capacity is tiny compared to the KitchenAid washer we bought for our last kitchen remodel.   Seriously, why is the utensil caddy on the door?  Spoons are rarely clean.

While we’re on the topic of the KitchenAid dishwasher, let me show you what we got to replace that puppy above.  This stainless beauty from Lowe’s.

Yep, we got the exact same dishwasher.  Why?  We loved it at our first house.  Huge capacity (seriously, I had to buy more dinner plates because we didn’t have to run it often enough to clean the 12 we had), sleek controls, and stainless interior and exterior.  Ben had to get this big box in his tiny car.  And he did, so we’ve got a new to us dishwasher sitting in our garage, waiting to be installed.  We’ve got 30 days to return it if it doesn’t work, too.  I’m so excited for a new, clean, quiet dishwasher.

What upcoming event are you excited for?  I do deem a new dishwasher an ‘event’.  Score any great deals lately?

18 thoughts on “Ready To Dish It Out

  1. Fairly new follower here! =)

    Ewww, that’s really bad! I think I’m more excited you got a new one than you are after seeing the pictures. Can’t wait to watch you make your new house a home =)

  2. Purty! Quiet dishwashers mean so much, don’t they? I love that we can run our dishwasher anytime during the day and not worry about it drowning out our conversations.

  3. I have the SAME dishwasher in my place and it just recent died. Since I live alone I haven’t been in a rush to replace it, but I wish I could find a deal like you did! I’m loving all these posts on the new house. Makes me want to move again!

  4. My parents had that dishwasher while I was growing up!! Haha! Yes, you will love the new one better.

  5. Ha! Another one whose parents had that same whirlpool growing up…I hadn’t even read your post yet and that utensil basket caught my eye. Ahh…memories of loading and unloading.

    1. Hi kkrisdan28! Aww, thanks! I hate touching the handles (they still feel grimy) so I let the dishes pile up and load everything at once.

      Hey Julia! Our original washer at the first house wasn’t as loud as this one and we got spoiled with the other KitchenAid. Can’t wait!

      Hi Allison, Really?!? This one still works, but not well. Just keep an eye out and maybe you’ll find something. Good luck!

      Hi Nikkidanielle81! Ha, I think my parents had a similar one, too. I remember the rotating knob on ours. We were always given the silverware to unload.

      Hey myboysteacher34, Isn’t it funny?!? I’m sure this thing was state of the art at the time, too.

      Hey Sara! Totally, it never hurts to ask. Sometimes the price is rigid, but other times you’ll be surprised.


  6. Kudos Amanda, you and Ben are such great bargin hunters. I have a Bosch dishwasher. I love how quite it is, I just wish it cleaned a little bit better. Great to hear you found one that you love.

  7. Maybe it was just a myth perpetuated by my mother, but I was always told if we put the spoons in that way up they wouldn’t get clean! We always had to put them handle side down, spoony bit up. Although it doesn’t sound like you’ll need to try it now that you’ve got a nice shiny one lined up!

  8. Apparently the old dishwasher was pretty popular, because my parents had one very similar to it too! Must have been something with houses built in the 70s, or a really good sale. 🙂

    Great job Ben on finding a fantastic deal on the new dishwasher! I swear, he is a savant at finding the best deals!

  9. maybe you should try putting your dishes in so that the dirty surface faces the middle of the dishwasher. I think that works the best in mine.

  10. Our house had that dishwasher when we moved in 19 years ago and we had to replace it soon after. We have had to install 3 dishwashers since we moved in. With our family of six, our dishwashers get a workout!

  11. Omg, I am an eighties baby and I remember that was the same model dishwasher my Mom had in our house when I was a kid….wow I feel old lol :0

  12. Oh wow, your new dishwasher is going to be gorgeous! Don’t they still put the utensil racks in the door in some models? In our last house we had a whirlpool (bought it new ourselves about 5 years ago) and LOVED it, never had to re-wash anything. Now in our new house (with a newer dishwasher, different brand), the utensils go on the bottom rack and take up a lot of valuable space, and they don’t always get clean. Gross. But this dishwasher feels cheaper overall, so it might be just be time to finally upgrade it to a nicer model.

  13. Funny thing… my parents have the same dishwasher, only it’s door is cream. 🙂 and they have had it since their house was built in ’86… it’s now on it’s last leg.

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