Thanksgiving Menu

For the last few weeks, our family has discussed and argued the Thanksgiving meal plan.  Some items are a given, like turkey, but we had one dish we disagree on.  So here it is.

1.  Turkey, of course.

2.  Gravy made from turkey drippings.

3.  Stuffing.

4.  Cranberry sauce with orange zest.

5.  Mashed potatoes with a twist.  Rather than using all Russet or red potatoes, I’m taking a cue from my aunt and mom.  We’re going to use half red potatoes and half sweet potatoes with chopped roasted garlic.  The sweet potatoes are a healthier alternative, but also add tons of flavor.  But the red potatoes keep the sweet potatoes from being too sweet.

6.  Green bean casserole, Ben insists.  This is the dish we disagree on, but we’re going to have it because it is a tradition, right?

7.  Some sort of bread or roll, not sure exactly what yet.  If all else fails, I’ll turn to my good friend, the Crescent Roll.

8.  This is what I’m most excited about: roasted vegetables.  Specifically asparagus, carrots, and cauliflower.  If you know me, you are completely aware I’m not the best about eating veggies, so this is big.  At some point during the roasting process, a unicorn must go in the oven, sprinkle fairy dust on the veggies and make them magical.  Especially cauliflower.  The brown, crispy bits are scrumptious, almost like popcorn.

9.  And for dessert, pumpkin pie (from Costco), cherry pie, strawberry rhubarb pie (from a friend), and cheesecake (a la Ben).

Nothing crazy or completely original, but delicious and almost fool-proof.  Unless we over cook the turkey Griswold style, man I love that movie.  Although, last year I pre cut the potatoes, forgot to add water, turned on the heat and burned the bottom layer.  Now it’s your turn.  Got a favorite Thanksgiving food?  Botched one of the dishes?  Do you test out recipes in advance?  Or just hope for the best?

26 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Menu

  1. You forgot Brussels sprouts. LOL I know most people don’t like them, but in our house we LOVE them. This year they will be shaved and cooked with some pancetta and capers. I’m with you on the Green Bean Casserole. Much more interesting things to do with green beans, like roasting them. Yum.

    1. I agree about brussel sprouts! I roasted them for the first time last year and will not eat them any other way. Drizzled in olive oil and salt/pepper…so good. 🙂 I’ve never been a good veggie eater until I discovered roasting them.

        1. Time out, Brussels Sprouts are also awesome if you quarter them, fry/steam them in a little butter and water until they’re softer but still bright green, and then drizzle with maple syrup and toss to coat about a minute before taking them off the stove. SO good. You must try, if you like them roasted.

          As for the cauliflower, that looks fab. I can’t wait to try it.

    2. Hey Malibou,

      I’ve never made roasted brussel sprouts, but I bought some today to try out tomorrow! Thanks for the idea! And I’m right there with you on the green beans. 🙂


  2. The past few years I’ve making the half potato / sweet potato combo with rosemary and garlic, its to die for! Oh and I top ours with cheese and bake, extra yumm 🙂

    This year we are doing a turkey brine, crossing my fingers it turns out good. Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

  3. I have such an aversion to green bean casserole. I am making caramelized onions and green beans instead. I hate raw onions, but love them caramelized.

  4. I’m with you on the mashed potatoes. About a month ago my husband added a sweet potato in with the regular potatoes when he made mashed potatoes and it was so delicious! It gives them such a good flavor. Our guests loved it and said they want to try it next time they make mashed potatoes.

  5. Green bean casserole is my husband’s favorite also-this year. I decided I’d make it from scratch-no cream of mushroom soup, a happy compromise 🙂 happy thanksgiving!

  6. Oh! And i’n trying a new dessert: graham crust, then a cheesecake with toffee bits in it, And on TOP of that is the batter for a pumpkin pie, so you get the best of both worlds!

  7. take ease up the time crunch I am doing sweet potatoes in my crock pot. They are already prepped and topped with brown sugar, cranberries and pecans and in the fridge ready for cooking.

    so glad the blogs back up! I missed reading OHA

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