Thanksgiving Setting

For those of us living in the U.S., Thanksgiving is only three days away.  We’re hosting friends from Minnesota and a few family members this year.  I went back and forth trying to decide what style/color/type of decor I wanted.  Last year we had a navy and gold theme, but I wanted something lighter and more rustic this time.  So, I settled on a white, copper, and gray color scheme.

In addition to our every day white plates, glasses, and silverware, I added several DIY projects and a few thrift store finds.

Dollar store cylinder vases wrapped in white tissue paper, then dipped in copper acrylic paint add ambiance.  Gold rimmed glasses, also from the dollar store can easily function as candle holders or vases.  For added texture and color, pour in a little rice, dried corn, beans, or nuts.

By far my favorite part of this table setting are the log candle holders.

Free logs are the perfect rustic touch, and simple to make.  Since cutting down the locust tree, we’ve had a pile of wood in the back yard.  I dug out three of the smallest logs and cut them to various sizes.  Some got a coat of copper paint, just to add a little more glitz.

Lined up on the table, they make a big impact.  Each place setting is simple, consisting of a plain white dinner plate topped by a gold-rimmed crackle plate (from the thrift store).  Cloth napkins I sewed from a geometric gray and cream fabric are neutral and can be used long after the holidays.

Super simple (and free!) napkin rings made from cut paper towel tubes, then painted copper.

We’re ready to go, just gotta make the food and wait for our guests.  I suppose we should wait until Thursday for the food and guests.

Speaking of food, check back tomorrow for our meal plan.  We’ve got the staples (turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce, and green bean casserole) but we’ve got a few new menu items this year.  And I’m already salivating at the thought.

So tell me, do you have a theme for Thanksgiving?  Or new items to add to your menu?

54 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Setting

    1. Hi Caity!

      Ooh, leather ones would be really fun too. Lucky for me, Ben’s got a huge stash in the basement. Might have to do that. 🙂


  1. Happy you’re back! Looking forward to more posts of you being YOU! Love the little stump candle holders! And I love the idea of the TP napkin rings. So simple and cheap but they look great!

  2. Amanda, I was so happy to see this post! Welcome back. I’m in love with the dipped vases and the tree stump candle holders. Want to do both for my home. Thank you. Love, Chris

    1. Hi Chris,

      Aww, thanks! So glad you like the vases and stump candles. You could take it a step further and drill out a hole for the tea light to sit in…


  3. Yaaaay! You’re back! I was worried about u. I even emailed your blog/real life Bestie to make sure you were ok.:) Anyway, I love the log candleholders and the simplicity of your table setting. This year I will be making homemade cranberry sauce for the first time, which I’m pretty excited about. Thanks for sharing and welcome back!

    1. Hey Shavonda!

      Your comment made me smile! 🙂 Homemade cranberry sauce? Sounds awesome! You’re far braver than I am.


  4. So happy to see you’re posting again. Just moved into an new to us “old house” that needs lots of love and was feeling lost without my daily inspiration! I need your fun ideas in my world. I don’t come up with many on my own!

    Happy to see you felt ready to put your blog back up. You were missed by many! 🙂

  5. I love these simple ideas! I want to try out the log candle holder idea – just thinking about my Thanksgiving table setting is making me hungry!

  6. Amanda,

    SO GLAD you are back…..I am a first time commenter, but a long time reader and just had to comment!

    I have missed your posts and hope you keep on posting and doing all the great things you do!

    Ignore the haters, obviously they have some problems if they have to leave nasty comments on blogs. They should just stop reading if they don’t like your blog. There are many of us who do, so keep on posting!

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  7. Uh . . . I think I would seriously think twice about using my napkin after noticing it led a former life as a toilet paper roll. When you use the last sheet of toilet paper on a roll, how often do you go and wash your hands and THEN change the toilet paper roll? I’m guessing few to none. Even armed with the knowledge that germs can’t live on a surface for days on end, I wouldn’t want to wipe my mouth with a napkin that has touched a toilet paper roll.

    And if you’re smart enough to use paper towel rolls . . . well, sadly they look the same when cut into 1 1/2″ long strips. I hope you’ll rethink this project for your guests’ peace of mind.

    1. She said in the post that it was a paper towel roll. I don’t know of any paper towel tubes that are copper colored, so I don’t think it would be the first thing I would think of upon seeing it at a table. I think it’s quite clever, especially if you are adventurous enough to take on a new color scheme every year. Napkin rings can be expensive! Good job, Amanda. And Kate, you’re not invited to the Thanksgiving Meal I’m hosting. Hopefully, your host can satisfy your scrutinizing eye!

    2. Hi Kate,

      I understand where you’re coming from. I did use paper towel tubes because I worried about the cleanliness of using a toilet paper tube. But I really like the simple look and I’ll happily tell my guests what they’re made from.


  8. I have no idea what happened (I got tired and bored in a quick attempt to find out), but I’m glad you’re back too. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  9. Yay you’re back!!! This makes my day 🙂

    For us Canadians, Thanksgiving has come and gone, so now Christmas is on our minds!
    But I love you log candle holders. My son an I made some last winter an was actually my first post on my blog.

      1. Apparently my mind is on Christmas more than I thought, because I can’t even remember what I’ve posted on my own blog!
        *correction to first comment*
        It wasn’t my first post and my son did not help me make them. I got it confused with my actual first post where we made a step stool.*
        (cheeks blushing)
        here is the link to the wood candle holders that I made…

        Happy Thanksgiving Amanda 🙂

  10. Are you back?! This just came to my email! So excited! I’m doing the old standby’s but making the green bean casserole from scratch and little things like that. Our guest count is rising So I’m adding extra sides like roasted vegetables. Also, in addition to the other usual suspects for dessert, I’m making the pumpkin pie cheesecake from Our Best Bites-toffee cheesecake on he bottom and pumpkin pie on top. Yum!! Happy Holidays!

  11. So glad to be reading your blog again! You’ve given me some great ideas for our own table setting this weekend. Thanks! I’m so excited 🙂

  12. Amanda, I’m so happy you’re back. I’ve really missed reading your blog. And if someone doesn’t like your blog, then they just shouldn’t come here. Those of us who DO enjoy your blog won’t mind a bit… 🙂 AnneSATX

  13. You’re back! WOO HOO!!!! I love that you’re back and letting all those creative juices flow again….and who wouldn’t be happy sitting down to a meal at such a great looking table? Love those awesome logs that really finish it off. Happy, Happy Thanksgiving to you, hubs, boys and family! Welcome back to blog land. mwah Hx

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