Winter Pillows

Each season, I try to sew new pillow covers to fit the time of year.  For the fall, I made an assortment of coral, tangerine, and yellow covers.  When winter rolls around I think of blues, deep greens, silver, and white.  Lucky for me, I bought a few yards of pretty blue fabrics over the summer.  These fabrics set the tone for the winter look.  Because I have to make everything more complicated than necessary, I set out to make a hexagon patch pillow cover, similar to fall’s triangle one.  To make it, I made a template in Photoshop, printed it to card stock, cut it out and traced it on scraps of linen/cotton blend fabric.

Hexagon Pillow Step 1

With my pieces cut, I pinned the pieces together to make a strip, alternating colors.

Hexagon Pillow Step 2

I wanted a small seam, so I stitched along the sides, keeping the edges of my presser foot and fabric aligned.

Hexagon Pillow Step 3

Easy enough, just a few straight lines.  But sewing the strips together was more complicated.  First, line up the strip, fold the right sides together, then pin one side only, like this:

Hexagon Pillow Step 4

Continue sewing each side, one at a time, working down the row.  Or skip sewing strips and add one piece at a time.  Check out this full tutorial to get a better idea of how to sew hexagons together.

Once I had a sheet of hexagons large enough to cover a pillow front, I cut pieces of silver satin for the back envelope closure.

Blue and Green Winter Pillows

For the stripe pillow, I simply cut out a 19 inch square (for my 18 inch insert) at an angle.  It also has a shiny silver satin back.

Blue and Green Winter Pillows Satin Back

Ben thought six pillows on the couch was overkill, so we’ve only got four.

Blue and Green Winter Pillows on Couch

Because the designs aren’t winter or Christmas specific, we can use the pillows year round or elsewhere in the house.

Do you rotate pillows with changing seasons or holidays?  What colors seem most wintery to you?

6 thoughts on “Winter Pillows

  1. Super cute! I like to switch my pillow covers out seasonally but still coordinating with our turquoise and brown living room. In the fall I made brown and cream flannel pillow covers to last me all the way until spring. They add a little extra coziness.

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