Grey Skies

I’m itching to paint.  A room.  Something.  Anything, really.  Especially the family room.  The peachy pink walls are getting on my nerves.  To keep the room light and bright, I’m thinking of using a light gray on the walls.


Just to see what we think, I painted swatches of left over bathroom paint, Wood Smoke at 25% tint.  While I like the lightness, I think the color in here seems too cold and blue.  Even against the freshly painted white trim.

25% Wood Smoke Test Paint by Window

Rather than a true gray, I’m thinking I’ll use more of a light taupe color.  Just have to pin down the one.  Which is fine, because I’ve got time.  As much as I’d love to paint every room, we’ve got some projects to cross off our list before it really makes sense.


In the family room, the fireplace still needs trim and paint.  But the bigger task is the hall, which is an extension of the family room.  Small wood trim isn’t our favorite.  Nor does it match throughout the main level.

Instead, we plan to replace the trim with the same white baseboard and casement.  In every room.  Until we get the trim installed, primed, and painted, I think it makes the most sense to wait on paint.  Unfortunately touching up any sort of paint with a sheen has proven difficult.  The color is the same (from the same can!) but the sheen doesn’t match.  Rather than paint the room twice (in the same color, no less), I’d rather wait until we’re ready and only have to do it once.

Has this happened to you?  Do you have a favorite light taupe paint color to recommend?

21 thoughts on “Grey Skies

  1. Come paint my bedroom if you have an itch to paint something! We are expecting baby #2 sometime within the next two weeks and wanted to get our bedroom painted before he/she arrives but have been putting it off – now it looks like it won’t get done. Booo!

    As for a light taupe paint color – we used Sherwin Williams ‘Wool Skein’ in our main living area. It looks great against our white trim! It’s a very light tan but has a touch of gray in it so it isn’t yellowy/orangey/pinky like a lot of taupes can be.

  2. Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore is my current paint crush. Its just taupe enough that it doesn’t feel blue but its not brown, either. We’re planning to use in in our bedroom and I think it will be perfect.

  3. Oatlands Subtle Taupe. It’s by valspar but you can get it color matched in another brand if you need. We have it in our hallway and it’s my favorite paint color of all time. I’m thinking about re painting my kitchen this color too.

  4. Are you planning to paint your wood trim and doors? Our house has wood trim and doors on the main level and I’ve been hesitant to plain a room grey because I wasn’t sure how it would go with the wood. I’ll be excited to see how your room turns out.

    1. I commented with my paint colors, and was nervous about our wood trim also-it looks gorgeous against the grey (greige) it makes the wood look richer and everything pops. Go for it!

    2. Hi Devin!

      We are planning to paint the trim and doors, but gray can look fantastic with wood. Of course it all depends on the paint and color of the wood, but it definitely works. Gather up swatches, hold them against the trim and see what you like best. Worst case scenario, it’s only paint and you get a different color. 🙂


  5. Yes!!! Remember how you helped me? I landed on perfect taupe (behr premium plus) in my living room and wheat bread (behr premium plus also) in the nursery. Both looked very warm in the can, but grey on the walls and I love them! Hope one of them works for you. I was also covering a peachy color (Parker paints knott).

  6. I love painting!! The itch to paint something usually strikes me when I’ve been working on projects that seem to draaaaaag on and I need a quick project to feel accomplished. Good luck! BTW, have you tried Sherwin Williams Cashmere line? We use it all…the…time. I love it because it is self-leveling and really blends great when you have to do touch-ups. It’s the ONLY paint I’ve found where i can go back and touch up and it looks right.

    1. Hey Hevel House!

      That’s kind of where I’m at right now. We’ve got projects we’re half way through, but there’s not much I can do on. However, I can paint!

      I haven’t tried SW Cashmere, but I’ll have to check it out now. What sheen have you used? I’m looking for an eggshell or satin (easy clean up with the kids!)

      Thanks so much for the recommendation!

      1. We have used both the flat and satin in Cashmere with great results. It stands up pretty well to everyday traffic because it is an enamel paint. I’ve been able to give it a light scrub without messing it up too much.

        BUT, we just moved recently and my husband and I decided to give the SW Emerald a go. It’s their newest paint and it was supposed to rival the Cashmere but be no VOC. We painted the whole house museum white, in flat finish. Brave, I know, but the house gets NO natural light and the ceilings are only 8ft and my husband is almost 7ft tall, so I had to make the ceilings disappear. White seemed like our best option. Anyways, I am in love. This stuff has the soft finish of Cashmere but the durability of Duration. When someone leaves a scuff on the wall I just need to wipe it down with a wet cloth and it’s gone!! I’ve also had a lot of success with SW color matching to BM. I l-o-v-e SW paint, but I think BM has better colors. Good luck and I can’t wait to see the room! I think the Gray is going to be amazing.

        1. Hey Hevel House!

          Thanks for the extra info. You’re definitely brave; so glad you love the white walls! I’m sure the colors of everything else pops so nicely. I don’t think I could convince Ben to paint everything white. He thinks it’s too cold and apartment like. But I think it can look stunning!


  7. Peachy walls would get on my nerves too. Not a fan of Peach it reminds me of my ugly bridesmaids dresses back in

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  8. Lovely room! I can relate to your comment about the sheen of paint not matching when you touch it up – I’ve experienced this with eggshell and have not yet found a way to prevent it. My absolute favorite is flat finish paint – I don’t like for my walls to have a sheen on them – just a personal preference. Unfortunately, hubby doesn’t agree!

    1. Hi Carolyn,

      Thanks so much! I seriously don’t understand why paints with a sheen are so tricky! Flat would be easier, but I have a feeling I’d constantly be touching up the walls with two crazy boys in the house. 🙂


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