I Like to Move It, Move It

Furniture, that is.  Winter has settled in and we’re using (and loving!) the new fireplace.  Because of this, I had an urge to rearrange the family room furniture.  To make the fireplace more of a focal point.  This room has been difficult for me to arrange.  One wall has a door and two windows, another a door to the living room and stairs, a fireplace on the third and then an opening to the kitchen.  Here’s the arrangement we started with.


The black lines at the top are the walls in the room with a door leading to the stairs.  Couch facing the fireplace, chairs and a table perpendicular to the couch and fireplace.  Big open space in the middle.  Initially, I really had my heart set on moving the couch, which keeping the group centered on the fireplace, like this:

Family Room Arrangement Option 1

I tried it a few nights ago (moving furniture by myself while Ben was at work), but our sofa is three feet deep, so it took up much of the walkway (the blue dotted lines).  Right away, I knew it wouldn’t work.  But the fireplace isn’t centered on the room.  We’ve got about a foot more space by the windows (the blue boxes at the bottom).  Perhaps the couch would fit better there?

Family Room Arrangement Option 2

So I pivoted the couch over there.  It wasn’t terrible, but it had a few problems.  Little space between, not enough for a coffee table.  The walk space behind the chairs was small, which Ben hated.


But my biggest reason for nixing this arrangement: it made a long, narrow (narrow when factoring in walking paths) room feel, well, longer and narrower.  Oh, and then there’s this oddly open floor space in the breakfast nook that was only accentuated by the placement.


Back to the drawing board.  It seems the best place for the couch was the original position.  How about moving the chair and table group opposite the couch, in front of the fireplace?

Family Room Arrangement Option 4

Um, not my favorite.

Rearranged Family Room Straight Chairs

I like the lightness of the chairs in front of the fireplace, but I don’t like the hard lines and how closed off it made the fireplace feel.

Rearranged Family Room Straight Chairs 2

Maybe setting the chairs at an angle, with a round table between?

Family Room Arrangement Option 3

Ahh, that opened up the fireplace nicely.

Rearranged Family Room Angled Chairs

So far, this is my favorite layout, for a few reasons.  One, the couch separates the family room from the breakfast nook and kitchen.

Rearranged Family Room Angled Chairs from Hall

Secondly, the group is still centered on the fireplace, while making it a focal point.  And we’ve still got room for a coffee table.

Rearranged Family Room Angled Chairs 2

Last, it keeps walkways open, keeping traffic a-flowin’.

Rearranged Family Room Into HallI just moved the furniture to this arrangement this morning, so Ben hasn’t seen it yet.  We’ll see what he thinks, because he’s oddly picky about furniture placement.  Heck, if he had his way, the room would look more like this:


Couch pushed up against the only wall.  Not my idea of an inviting and functional room.

Now that I’ve spewed, um, shared, the layout options, I want to hear your thoughts.  Which grouping did you like best?  Or maybe you’ve got an idea for a different layout?  Do you have a tricky room to arrange?


26 thoughts on “I Like to Move It, Move It

  1. I like the new arrangement! I cant wait to see how your fireplace turns out. What is your plan for the niche where the brown club chair is?

    1. Hey Emily!

      Ha, doesn’t it?!? We’ve measured the sectional and it’s a little too big. 😦 Most (maybe all) the furniture we currently have isn’t our ‘forever’ furniture. We’re just waiting until the boys are old enough NOT to trash the furniture. Haha.


  2. I know it’s a little late, but what about putting the slider in the dining area (and eventually repositioning the light (and the table beneath it) to be centered in the space, thereby leaving more room for traffic by the newly-located slider. Then replace the slider in the family room with a fixed window so that you can push the sofa up against it. Would that work?

    1. Hi Kelly!

      I like your idea! We considered making the breakfast nook window a door, but there are some vents right below the window, so it didn’t work out. I’m still hoping to convince Ben to move the pendant, but he doesn’t see the benefit. So, we’ll just have to discuss next time he has some work to do in the attic. 🙂


  3. I think you probably have it in the best layout that you could go with. It’s how I would lay it out. Have you thought about putting a console table behind the couch? More surfaces for decorating and defining the spaces. I have an awkward family room when it comes to layout. It’s one big space that was originally set up as a dining room within the family room. It’s awkward because the only overhead light is centered by one if the side windows. Also, our “media center” isn’t quite centered on the main wall because there is only one outlet and it is so far to one side that we couldn’t center it. The cable line is on the far wall so we actually had to have the cable company redo it in order to get our tv where it made the most sense. We have 2 couches, 2 swivel rockers, 2 end tables and a coffee table that are all along the walls so that the main area is open for our 2 kids to play in. It’s awkward and it drives me crazy, but it works for now.

    1. Hi Erin!

      I love the console idea! Something to add a little more definition to the space. 🙂

      So sorry you’ve got a tough room, too. At least you’ve got room for the kids to play. Eventually you’ll figure out a solution.


  4. I like your favorite layout, too. I also like that it separates the space as long as you’re comfortable having the back of the couch to the dining room (we tried this layout and because our space is much smaller and more narrow, it made the space feel too cramped). Maybe add a console behind the couch to make it seem more intentional?

  5. I third the console table idea. I think it looks really nice. I actually like little spaces like this floating in a room and it makes for nice conversation areas but you can still see what’s going on. I still love turquoise lamps 🙂 I have one in white and wish I’d snagged the turquoise when I could -target no longer carries them 😦

    1. Hi Sara!

      Thanks so much! That stinks that Target doesn’t have the turquoise lamps, but Rustoleum’s Lagoon spray paint is nearly identical in color. Maybe you could get a can and go to town on your white lamp?


  6. Good to see you back. I LOVE to move furniture around (drives my husband nuts). I feel by changing things around it gives new life to the whole house.

    1. Hi Angelica!

      Aww, thanks! Moving furniture is such a quick (and free!) way to change up the feel of a room. I used to rearrange my childhood bedroom every other week. 🙂


  7. I think the room would look better, and more open, if you left the couch in the original position and kind of angled the chairs on either side of the couch, with the end tables between a chair and the couch on either side.. And then the fireplace would be the main focal point. Does that make sense?

  8. I like the last set up that you like (with the angled chairs) but I think the sofa could use a sofa table. I also like the suggestion of a sectional.

    1. Hi Kristi!

      I do like the idea of a sofa table. I’ll have to keep an eye out for one. We considered a sectional, but the one we have is too big and we’d still be blocking at least one walkway. 😦


  9. I think you nailed it! I love this arrangement and I totally agree with the idea of a sofa table! You’re so lucky you have the room to rearrange your furniture – I have ONE solid wall in my living room! One wall has French doors with a very small space on each side, one has a railing where our stairs are and the third wall has two open doors – one going into kitchen and a bigger opening gong into dining area. That’s about the only wall we can have our entertainment center on. It sucks to have a small home, but….at least we HAVE a home! Good luck with everything!

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