Coloring Book

Even though it’s January and we’ve got temps in the high twenties, Ben and I are already thinking, planning, and talking about the exterior of our house.  Before we know it, warmer Spring weather will be here, giving us the prefect weather to tackle outdoor projects.  Like installing the rest of the house windows and new siding.  To help us decide on products, finishes, and styles, I made a coloring book version of our house.


Just a to scale outline of the prominent features.  While in Photoshop, I made a few siding styles.


Currently, the front-runner is a combo of horizontal siding with board and batten for the bump outs and peaks, kind of like this.

And fiddled with different features.  One big change we’re planning is converting the dining window to a sliding door and extending our deck over.


The garage end is mostly a tall blank canvas, desperately needing some detail.


Maybe all horizontal siding on the bottom with natural cedar board and batten on the peak?


Or painted board and batten with a pergola detail over the garage doors.


Perhaps similar to this one?

At any rate, we need to break up the exterior with at least two, preferably three finishes.  Now I’m curious, how many different materials are on the exterior of your home?  Do you have a tall house you’ve added interest to?

8 thoughts on “Coloring Book

  1. We have brick and siding. Vertical siding. All courtesy of the 1970s. We started repainting the exterior last fall and are going to finish it this spring. Yup, it’s not done. Two sides are done, apparently we’re those people.

  2. We have horizontal siding with some brick on the lower half of the front of the garage. We have very tall eaves and the next house of our model they built had cedar shake in that area and it looks so nice. Really wish they’d done it to ours for some visual interest. Can’t wait to see what you choose!

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