Sconce Free in 201-Three

In addition to installing trim (more on that soon), Ben made a quick swap that makes me smile.  It seems the previous owner had a love affair with sconces.  The more traditional, the better.   Sconces in the bathroom, the living room, family room, master bedroom, hall, and guest bedroom.


I’ve had enough with the unnecessary sconces.  Time for a simple change; a semi-flush mount fixture we took with us when we moved and a few blank covers.

Hall Without Sconce

Ben hung the new light, then took down the old hall sconce, covering the wires with a blank.

Hall Without Sconce Covered

Not my first choice for the hall, but it was free.  And I can hang pictures over the sconce hole.

New Light in Hall

While he was at it, I asked him to pull out the sconces in the guest room.


A few more blanks and I can finish the bird and feather art wall.  Now you see ’em…

Guest Room Without Sconces Gallery Wall

Now you (mostly) don’t.

Guest Room Without Sconces Finished Gallery Wall

Only two more sconces to completely cut out and two more to swap.

Guest Room Without Sconces

Any quick projects crossed off your list this weekend?  Do you have an excessive amount of sconces in your house, too?

2 thoughts on “Sconce Free in 201-Three

  1. I actually wish we had more 😦 but that is just excessive! People do some weird things when remodeling a house. I always to to stop and think about practicality, function, and beauty when I do anything to the house. We have had to move so many light fixtures and outlets–just annoying. Good luck. I like the idea of using the blanks and covering them with pictures–then if you ever change your mind or decide to sell there are still options to use them again. Can’t wait to see what you are doing this trim. Trim is probably the greatest thing ever invented. Check out what I just did with some trim in our dining room.

    1. Hey Stpaulhaus!

      Excessive is exactly right. I’m just happy to cover them with pictures for now. You’re right, moving fixtures and outlets is so annoying. We’ll have to do that here, too. Which is silly because the previous owner switched them from the positions we’d like to have. 😦 The trim is pretty simple, just door frames, baseboard, and soon to be crown. 🙂


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