Are We in St. Louis?

Because this house has arches.  Four, actually.  Which is four too many for our taste.  One separating the family room from the breakfast nook and kitchen.


An arched door in the family room near the top of the stairs.

Rearranged Family Room Angled Chairs 2

One in the living room directly above the railing.  And one more from the dining room to the kitchen.


With the family room as our focus, it was time to tear three out.  All three are too close to the ceiling to have added our new crown molding above, have poorly patched sheet rock, and don’t fit our style.  I really detested the proportions of the corbels turned stopping point in the living room.  And the placement.  I understand wanting to visually separate a large expanse, but above the railing seems redundant.  It also makes the window and door look off centered.  Although, we did like the placement of the one between the family room and kitchen.  Ben started by taking out the oak columns on either side of the arch.

Removing Arches and Post

Followed by scoring of the sheet rock corners to reduce damage to the ceiling and walls.  Then pulled out the arch supports.

Removing Arches Structure

Leaving us with a two by four across the ceiling.

Family Room Arch Removed

On to the next arch at the stairs.  Ben and Handy Sammy followed the same steps.

Removing Door Arch

And left us with a beat up top door frame.

Door Arch Removed

Now, we could have stopped there, as we had done the work for the family room side.  But, the arch above the stair railing would have been in the way of the new door trim (and we already had a big, dusty mess to clean) so we yanked out the last arch, too.

Removing Living Room Arch

Ben’s favorite part of any home project is the demo.

Removing Living Room Arch Tear Out

And we’re already working on patching and rebuilding.  Stay tuned for the next episode of Arch Adventures.



6 thoughts on “Are We in St. Louis?

  1. I actually liked the one between the family room and the breakfast nook, but understand why you wanted to change up the rest of them. The opening at the top of the stairs seems so much more open now!

  2. I’m not a huge fan of arches depending on the style of the house, for instance my house would look silly with arches. But I like them in yours, looking forward to seeing the direction your going in

    1. Hey Katrina!

      I’m usually not a fan either, but the previous owner had these installed and they just don’t fit. Not with out personal style or the style of the house.


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