Bar-rowed Time

Yes, that misspelled title is a hint.  The nook in the family room has gotten a little attention.  By attention I mean a tray, bottles, glasses, and paper straws.  A bar tray.

Bar Tray

After discussing shelf and TV options, I received a reader email suggesting setting up a small bar.  I hadn’t thought of that.  Maybe because I don’t drink and Ben usually sticks to red wine.  But I like the function of it, at least until we decide the TV situation.  Seeing as we’ve got no plans to upgrade our current set up, this bar is something useful.

Bar Tray Contents

And I already had all the supplies in the house.  A tray from Pier 1 a few years ago, thrift store glasses, coasters, a squirrel nutcracker, and bottles of alcohol.  I liked the different shapes and sizes of the bottles the alcohol came in, but didn’t like the labels.  A hot bubble bath made peeling the labels off a breeze.  For a little shine, I spray painted the bottoms of each bottle, letting the over spray create an imperfect ombre .  A few spritzes more on the tops, too for a cohesive set.

Bar Tray Painted Bottles

One problem though, how to label these?  Right now I’ve got pieces of tape on the bottoms, only until I decide on real labels.  Any suggestions?  Maybe chalkboard sticker labels?  If we decide to make the bar a permanent fixture, I might get a few decanters or even bottles from Ikea.


And maybe a fun ice bucket, a container for limes and lemons, and bar themed art.  Any other bar essentials I’m missing?  Do you have a bar cart or tray in your house?  For some reason, it feels like a fancy thing to have.

P.S.  Thanks for your votes over at the Homies!

13 thoughts on “Bar-rowed Time

  1. Well done. How about a beverage shaker. With your mad artisit skills, I would love to see you do some type of cool font sticker for each type of liquor.

  2. Too funny! I have this random little cabinet in an empty corner of my living room. My boyfriend and I were JUST talking the other day about turning it into a bar area. I want to put shelves to add some height and provide storage/display space for glasses, too.

  3. For some reason I love anything setup as a little bar. It just seems so chic. I have a 3 tiered bar cart in my kitchen and it stores the bottles I use the most. Love it.

  4. If you got the Ikea bottle I think you could tie a little string to the top and hang a cute designed tag off of it! Maybe you could hang it off the screw tops for now?

  5. You could make hanging labels. Basically a necklace for your bottles. I think metal engraved ones are pretty traditional, but it would be fun to make up your own.

  6. This is cute. I love the bottles you sprayed! I couldn’t do this in my home because we have a wild toddler running around but that’s why we have an actual bar room that we can keep closed off. We have renovation plans for it so now I’m inspired!

  7. I wouldn’t label them; that cheapens it. Classic bar carts just let the ornate bottles do all the talking. You’re the host, so you already know what’s in them. 🙂

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