Arch Adventures

Where were we?  Oh, that’s right.  We had torn out the arched doors.  Time to rebuild and get ready for paint.  For both doors, Ben started by building small walls to frame out the tops to normal door height.

Framed Door

Immediately, we liked the definition of family room and breakfast nook/kitchen.

Framed Door into Family Room

A few pieces of sheet rock, tape, mud, and MDF trim (more durable than sheet rock and we got away without seams) closed off the studs, both large and small doors.


The living room ceiling still needs a coat or two of mud.

Progress of Arch Removal Living Room

So will the small door to match the knock-down texture on the walls.  Boo to textured walls.

Progress of Arch Turned Doors Top of Stairs

The living room side will remain flat, but we’ve still got more mud to add for a seamless patch.

Progress of Arch Turned Doors Family Room Small

Then we’ll sand it smooth, add trim around the doors to match the windows, and finally get some paint on the walls!

Progress of Arch Turned Doors Kitchen to Family Room

I know it doesn’t look like much now, but it feels so different already.  Trim around the small door just feels so much more finished.

Progress of Arch Turned Doors Family Room to Kitchen

Just a few more simple steps and we can cross the family room off our to do list.  At least until we decide its time to get/build new furniture.

Progress of Arch Turned Doors Family Room

So tell me, have you added or removed a wall for a completely different use and feel of a space?

P.S.  We’ve been nominated in the Home Project & DIY category for Apartment Therapy Homies.  Thank you!  Voting ends Friday.

4 thoughts on “Arch Adventures

  1. We removed a wall that blocked the entry off from the rest of the house. It made a huge difference, but there was definitely a moment of panic when we realized it was a supporting wall. I love tearing things out to open up spaces, but it is scary wondering what you will find.

    1. Hey Kate!

      I bet that really opened up the space! And it’s always a concern when tearing out a wall. What’s there that we can’t see? Glad everything worked out for you!


    1. Hi Teresa!

      I couldn’t agree more! If you’ve got a shop vac and electric sander, try taping the output of the sander to the vacuum to suck up the dust. Then switch to hand sanding for the finer detail. It helps get rid of the majority of it. 🙂


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