Etsy Favs: Fabruary

Who’s ready for Etsy awesomeness?  Great, here ya go.

Origami Bird paper cut art from Sarah Louise Matthews:

Faceted Iron Pyrite Earrings by Lex Luxe:

Bathtub Caddy Shelf from Peppysis:

Warm Color Abstract Painting by Mossmottle:

Sterling Silver Knot Ring from Gramercy Eight:

Butterfly Art Print at Snoogs and Wilds:

Carved Heart Cutting Board by Wood Ink:

Hawaiian Islands Layered Papercut from Crafterall:

Orchid Vines Pillow Cover by Cloth and Ink:

Black Stripe Bag at Bagy Bag:

Recycled Glass Diamond from Meg A Meyers:

Wood Cut Lampshade by Minjon Shop:

Let’s Go Anywhere Print by Jump Off the Page:

Spring Meadow Print from MT Photo Journal:

Neon Square Ring at Cyclical Industry:

Coral Color Block Pillow by Jillian Rene Decor:

A big thank you to our sponsors, Lunch Pails & Lipstick, a blog written by three stylish moms.

And Nicole AP, creator of fun alphabet art prints.

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