Can’t Wait for Paint

Hello friends!  Did you have a good weekend?  Do something fun?  Have nice weather?  Saturday was almost 50 degrees, now we’re back to the thirties.  Such is February.  Which means we played outside and got some work done inside.  A few weeks ago Ben added trim to all the doors in the hall.

New Light in Hall

Pre-primed trim immediately brightened the hall from the dark wood trim of yore.

Hall Doors Trimmed

Beefed up baseboard almost makes the vent covers disappear.


I’ve been busy filling nail holes, sanding, caulking joints, priming, and painting the new trim crisp white.

Caulking Trim Edges

I’ve finished painting the trim and have already started taping it off in preparation for wall paint.


Before I can paint the walls though, we’ve still got a few more things to check off the to do list.  First, sanding the patched area from the arch we took out and a few hairline cracks in the ceiling.


Then crown molding throughout the room followed by more filling, sanding, priming, and painting.  And painting the ceiling before getting to the walls.  Good grief, I want to paint those walls.  Both for finished walls and the pretty details waiting.  Look what we’ve got to install after paint: pretty brushed nickel sconces from Lamps Plus.

Sconces to Hang

While I’m waiting to paint the walls I’ve been painting doors as quickly as I can.  And I’m heels over head – head over heels doesn’t make sense, aren’t we always?  Dark gray, a touch of brass (though I still want to take the sheen down), and clean white.  My design color trifecta.


Only three doors left, including the boys’, which I’m dreading leaving them without.


Baby steps to a finished room.  Down the line we’ll figure out furniture.  I’ve got a serious crush on the Gus Modern chair from Mod Livin’.  Sadly almost 18 hundred bucks for two chairs (my kids will jump on) doesn’t fit the budget, but that doesn’t stop me from dreaming.  Any affordable arm chairs you like?

16 thoughts on “Can’t Wait for Paint

  1. It’s looking good!
    I always hate the part before you paint the walls, the part that you really can’t skip, the caulking and the hole filling and the sanding and what-not. It reminds me of how impatient I am Lol

  2. You could try Ana White furniture, youknow how to build things, and she has some cool chairs. Or you could make your own pattern to follow and I know you could make the pillows!

  3. I’ve always wanted to paint my doors something other than white, but I was scared of how it would look. You are inspiring me, because yours look awesome! I might even use the same color… hmmm… TY!

    1. Hi Andrea!

      I’m so happy we chose something other than white. The gray is different and adds some interest to run of the mill six panel doors. If you give it a try, I’d love to see pictures.


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