Colorful Frames

Spring is slowly making its way to Montana.  Our weather this past week has been b.e.a.utiful, hovering in the mid sixties.  Despite the nice weather, it doesn’t look like spring…yet.  To me, nothing seems more spring-y than colorful florals and leafy greens.  I already added flowers, but splashes of green would really help.  Last time I stopped in Home Depot, I picked up a can of Rustoleum Leafy Green spray paint to use on a clock and a frame in Handy Sammy’s room.  Then I thought, “why not try it on a frame in the family room?”


The mat and print are neutral, so the punch of green is fun, but not overwhelming.


I think a set of colorful frames filled with black and white art would be awesome.  How are you adding color to your home?  Do you have a color you can’t seem to resist lately?  Not sure if you’ve noticed, but I can’t seem to stay away from greens, of any kind.  Don’t believe me, just look at Handy Sammy’s room.  While I’m talking about his room, here’s a look at the slightly modified, rehung to cover the electrical junction boxes gallery wall:


Two thicker backed frames (the square feather on the left and the bird on the far right) cover the boxes completely.   The set is centered on the wall now, too.  Ahh, I love that new room look.  When I walk down the hall, I always take a few seconds to poke my head in and admire the complete-ness.  Okay, I’m off to spend more time with the fam, possibly including a round of mini golf.  Maybe even some landscaping.  

4 thoughts on “Colorful Frames

  1. I’ve been out of the loop – had baby #2 in January and havent be online much since then. Do you have a new roommate/house guest?
    Love all your frames! I need to do something about mine – I have had empty frames hanging on my hallways walls for months – taking me forever to get around to printing photos! 🙂

    1. Hey Lizzy!

      Congrats on the new baby!! Handy Sammy is Ben’s cousin. He’s going to college and started living with us in June after spending a year in the dorms. 🙂 At least you’ve got the frames on the wall. Mine usually sit empty and forgotten in storage/boxes. Have filling those.


    1. Hello MEL!

      I do use nails, but every time I paint or repaint a room, I fill the old nail holes. That way I have a fresh start and can move frames around without spotty patched walls. Then I plan out a new arrangement and don’t put holes in unless I’m 100% sure I want the pics there. I wish I had a great nail/damage free way of hanging. I want to try the command Velcro strips though.


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