Patterned Bedding

Whew, these last few weeks have been busy, filled with doctor and dentist appointments, visiting family, finished off with a flu-filled weekend.  Clearly some things were more fun than others.  My mom, sisters, and I did a little shopping during their visit, stopping in TJ Maxx.  I saw a blue and yellow damask quilt and bought it for the guest bedroom.


But when I got it home, I didn’t love it.  Heck, I barely liked it.


Maybe because it is too feminine for the room.  Or a busy pattern in a small space.  Was I just that used to seeing the white?


While I love the idea of a fun patterned quilt, I don’t think this one works in this setting.


Now that I look around, most of our beds have clean white bedding.  Because it’s easy?  Maybe, but white can go with anything.  What type of bedding do you use?  Do you prefer pattern or a solid color?  Would you keep this quilt?

21 thoughts on “Patterned Bedding

  1. I like the quilt myself. I would keep it and if you want you could just fold it and place it at the bottom of the bed with additional white bedding. Then you just have a bit of the color. Plus if it was a good price, always good to extra’s for company.

    1. Hey Sharon!

      I like the quilt, too, just not sure I like it in this room. I do like the idea of something patterned on the end of the bed. 🙂 Maybe a different quilt or throw.


  2. OK, this bedroom wall of shelves is beyond amazing. Unfortunately, I have to keep things really sparse in our bedroom, as husband is severly allergic to dust, and I’m moderately allerigic. HOWEVER, I am dying to know if you made all of those white magazine holders, or did you buy them. I find them SO pricey, yet I NEED SOME.
    Any information you can offer me on the holders, I’d appreciate 🙂
    Thanks and nice job with that bedroom – love the drum shade!

  3. Hi Amanda! So funny you posted about this today. I’m working on tomorrow’s post and in it I feature my new patterned sheets for the guest room. I opted for patterned sheets but will be using a solid duvet. That’s mainly because I have a ton of othe color planned for the room in other areas. As far as your space i I personally like a pattern, but I don’t necessarily favor that particular patern. Maybe something a bit larger, less busy, and perhaps that will deliver more of a graphic impact? Hmmm this is a tricky one.

    1. Hey Shavonda!

      Ha, what a coincidence! Totally great solution to still get some pattern and color, without overwhelming the room. I agree with the bolder, less busy suggestion. That’s the thing that I’m not loving about this quilt. Too much pattern and color going on.


  4. I agree with you. I love the look of crisp white bedding. I add colour to mine with fun patterned pillows.
    If you decide to keep the quilt, maybe try folding it down to the foot of the bed?
    All the best!

  5. I think a pattern could work for your room but I’d go for a big,bold print, especially as you have that bold blue wall. I always go for solid color bedding but I’m on the verge of purchasing a pattern too so I’ll see how it turns out. I like a bedroom to feel calming and patterns can be too busy for the relaxing atmosphere I like.

  6. I would keep it for sitting on the grass for a picnic or soccer game. We use a similar one for outings and always get compliments.

  7. I would just fold it and put it at the end of the bed. That way it isn’t so overwhelming and you have a touch of pattern.

  8. I think it’s because the blue and yellow together read as green, along with too small of a pattern. Try a larger print in a single color on white and it will look cleaner / more graphic.

    1. Thanks for the advice, everyone! Erin, I think you summed up my feelings on it. I’m not sold on the small/intricate pattern. Something bolder is better, I think.


  9. Hmm. Are you sold on the color combo you have going on with the walls and the space behind the bed? I feel like they are both fine colors on their own, but they don’t complement each other– which will make it even harder to find a 3rd item that complements both of them.

  10. I personally like it. My husband says I have a bedding problem 🙂 But thats probably because I just spent some time finding a new duvet cover for our bed.
    I like the ideas of doing a solid color and then folding the quilt at the bottom of the bed. Our new duvet cover is a solid color but it has some fun to it. Its the Threshold seersucker duvet from target:
    And I love it!

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