Quick Quilt

So, I made a quilt.  And it didn’t take that long.  About 10 total hours, from cutting to using.  After trying and disliking a small patterned bedding, I searched the internet for a more simple, but still colorful quilt.  This Pia Wallen Cross Blanket is awesome, but also expensive.

Then I saw this Polly blanket.

Perfect colors to tie in with the elements of the guest room.  White like the trim, gray to match the doors, yellow for the walls, blue like the headboard and dresser, and green accents.  But I couldn’t find a price or a place in the US selling it.  Instead, I used this as inspiration to make my own fabric quilt.


I bought a half yard of six different colored linen fabrics.  Light gray, dark gray, mustard, white, teal, moss, and used navy I bought for the headboard.  To maximize the fabric, I cut nine 6 by 16 rectangles of each color, keeping the left over ends.


With all pieces cut, I started randomly arranging the colors, sewing the short ends together to make a strip.


Then I ironed each strip before sewing two together.


I continued sewing two strips together, then sewed those strips to form the front.  Once I made the front large enough, I laid an ironed flat twin sheet (five bucks at Wal-Mart) on the floor right side up.  Then my patchwork piece on top, right side down.  For a little more weight and warmth, I added a layer of white flannel on top of my patched sheet.


Before sewing, I marked my lines, then stitched along all three sides and part of the bottom.  Basically, I treated it just like an over sized pillow cover.  Once I turned it right side out, I had and front, back, and inner liner with a small hole at the bottom.  I hand stitched it shut and called it done.


Folded at the foot of the bed it adds pattern and color, and functions as a throw or a summer blanket for one person.  Handy Sammy and I are both super happy with the results.  Bonus, I’ve finally sewn a full quilt.  Every time before, I’ve made way too small pieces for my patience and skill level.  Turns out, making large pieces makes the process quicker.  Who woulda thunk it?  How about you, have you ever made a quilt?

17 thoughts on “Quick Quilt

  1. I love it!!! it looks awesome, and definitely adds some nice color & pattern! I have made a couple in the past but I like yours much better – it has a really modern look. The ones I made look pretty old-fashioned (Ohio Star pattern, log cabin, etc.), which fit my taste when I made them but now I’m more of a modern fan.

    1. Thank you so, so much Amy! I’ve tried to make small patchwork quilts in the past and just wasn’t happy with the look. Too traditional and my lines were terrible. This was quick and I think more modern because the pieces are large rectangles.


  2. I’ve made 3 baby quilts, one for each grandson. The first two were based on a theme the mother’s had given me (one was a race car, one was jungle), but the last one was wide open; I just had colors (greys, navy, and a pop of orange) and knowledge that the mother-to-be was using graphic patterns in the baby’s room. After changing the design 3 times, I finally came up with a plan that included combining my son’s (and my) university logo (Hook ’em Longhorns!) and the dresden plate pattern. Everyone was pleased with the results!

    1. Hi Joanna!

      It actually was pretty easy. Time consuming, yes, because you’re piecing together rectangles. But because they’re rectangles, it isn’t technical. Just straight lines. The more careful and meticulous you are when cutting, the easier it is to get great results.


  3. It’s a lovely blanket. I love the colors and pattern you chose. However I think you are going to regret not properly quilting it if you ever need to wash it. There need to be sewing lines along the whole quilt through all the layers to make the top, back, and filling shrink evenly. That’s what makes it a “quilt” instead of a blanket–the quilting. I hope you keep sewing. You have a great eye for color and style.

    1. Hey K!

      Thank you so much! I’m still debating how I want to do the quilting. Whether I sew lines across it or just stitch it through in a few areas. Any suggestions are welcome!


      1. Quilting it now probably isn’t a good idea because you’ve down the edges closed. You’ll get lumps on the edges and puckering from the fabric shifting. I would either cut it open again (probably just sacrificing a bit on each instead of picking out all that sewing), quilt and bind, or tie the quilt. Given the linen-flannel-sheet fabric combo you have, I would probably opt to tie the quilt with the knots on the back. I’m not sure it will wash well with those fabrics, even if you spend a lot of time quilting it.

        If you do quilt it, I would probably stitch .25″from each of your lines to outline the pattern. I think it shows mistakes less that using the ditch, and doesn’t require laying out or marking a pattern. Just be sure too use a good walking foot.

  4. I like!! the quilt is so pretty, I’ve been wanting to sew a quilt forever! I have no idea why i’m so stressed about it, lol – my plan is to sew two quilts throw size one for each boy.

    Are you planning on making in more?

    1. Hey Katrina!

      Thank you! It wasn’t that hard, and you know how to sew! Don’t get stressed about it, yours will be great! I might make more, depending on the route we take when decorating the boys’ bedroom.


  5. Ahh..I was popping over to ask about the actual quilting process, also. I quilt (using the batting and hand quilt ‘stitch in the ditch’) and was wondering about the flannel innards and how the layers were going to remain together.

    I do love the colors you chose and the modern design. I have some kona solids fat quarters burning a hole in my fabric tub and now I know exactly what I want to use them for! Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Hi AJ!

      The flannel and backing sheet are cotton, and the front pieces are linen/cotton blend, so hopefully they’ll wear evenly. I’m bad at mixing fabrics for quilts, so solids were the perfect solution.


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