Think Green!

We’re teetering on the edge of spring here in Montana.  Just a few weeks ago we had sunny filled skies and near 70 degree temperatures.  So far this week (and most of last) we’re lucky to reach the 40’s while the snow falls.  Welcome to Montana, I suppose.  Minnesota and Wisconsin folks, I feel for you.  In an effort to usher spring sooner than later, I’m adding fresh green to our house.  The more, the merrier, starting with this mint, cream, and emerald-green color block pillow from Jillian Rene Decor.


Jillian was sweet enough to make me a custom pillow.  So wonderful and perfect.  Everything in her shop is so great, so check it out.  Next to the sofa, I’m trying to green up my thumb with a grass-like succulent and a few clay critters.


More greenery on the mantel, this time a planter from Wal-Mart with two bunches of fake succulents.


And finally, my newest art obsession, right in my home; “Heavenly” by Annie Bailey of MT Photo Journal.


Annie lives in Montana and takes beautiful photos of our state.  Most Montana photography is wildlife, not my style.  Or taken in Glacier National Park or some other mountain area.  Which is pretty, don’t get me wrong.  To me, that’s not what Montana is really about.  This is Big Sky Country after all.


(Ignore the unfinished ceiling, please)  Annie captures the essence of Montana, with interesting compositions and vivid colors.


Immediately upon opening the package, I popped it in this cheap frame.  Soon, hopefully, I’ll convince Ben to make me a beautiful wooden frame, but I can admire this lovely until then.


So there you have it, two of my favorite Etsy shops.  Now, let’s get to spring, shall we?  Any new art you’re loving lately?

10 thoughts on “Think Green!

  1. I love the Montana photograph! I think simple landscapes like that look so good as large pieces of art. I’d love something like that for my living room.

    I’ve been wondering, are you going to be keep your kitchen cabinets the way they are? It doesn’t seem like your style, but I don’t remember you mentioning it.

    Thanks for sharing your home renovation and decorating adventures, it’s fun to see!

    1. Hi Mel!

      I totally agree, the simple landscapes are great as large art. You should poke around MT Photo Journal, so many awesome prints it was hard to choose!

      We’re not planning to keep the cabinets. The insides are inefficiently used and we want to make a few changes to the layout. We’re still discussing and planning the kitchen, but you know I can’t wait until we get started.

      Thanks so much for your encouragement!

  2. I really like the painting too. It looks like your style and color scheme. And I think a wood frame will warm it up even more! Maybe a thick mat too, to help it fill up that giant wall. Love how the room is coming along!

    1. Hi Nicole!

      Totally perfect colors and I love the style. So glad you like it, too! I agree, warm wood and a thick mat for more presence. Thank you so much for your compliments and encouragement!


  3. What size is that print? It’s so beautiful, I think I’m going to pop over to Etsy and get one for myself!

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